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Valais Sheep Walking

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A Magical Experience 

Many people are totally unaware of how beautiful sheep are. Many think sheep are all the same ~ how wrong they are.

We are now home to 70 plus sheep and each and everyone of them has a unique character and a story to tell ~ So we thought what better way to show people how lovely these animals are than to spend time with them walking them and bonding.

Then we were offered some ex show sheep that were halter trained and they were kindly gifted to us.

These boys truly love to go for a walk..they get excited when they see their halters and walk like a dream, they are very sociable and love hugs and kisses ~ very much the same as a dog 

We spent hours with our sheep and they literally love to be walked as they love being around humans ~ they walk on a halter pretty much the same as a dog and i was blown away by how magical these sheep are.

Funds raised from walking with our sheep, goes towards the running and up keep of our plant based animal haven which is now home to over 100 animals

Thank ewe so much for your support

The walk is around the sanctuary grounds and you get to meet some of the residents along the way. At present it  is restricted  to a maximum of 2 people per walk but this may increase next year. 

At the end of the walk you will get a cuppa and our food van will be open if you wish to buy a burger or sweets and treats etc.

Where you can sit at our picnic area if you wish to stay longer

We also do a sheep hugging session and a full sanctuary tour

We hope to get a range of merchandise and also offer adoption packs for our valais sheep. All to raise much needed funds

Sheep walking will start Mid April when the weather is "Hopefully" good and less muddy
But you can pre book now....A Date and time will be arranged between us thats convenient  X