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Calf Sanctuary


We rely heavily on your generous donations. Please consider donating now. Thank you!

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Vip Sanctuary Visit

Price: £50.00
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So many people want to come and visit Calf Sanctuary, but it is not always possible as it is very time consuming and we are only a very small unit who all have to work to keep the sanctuary running. 

So what better way to raise the much needed funds and turn it into work time ~
To personally meet and greet YOU the people and take you round on a guided tour

The tour will last around 2hours (give or take)

You can take selfies with the gang, cuddle a sheep, groom a goat, tickle a turkey - 

Up to 4 people can come for the visit ~
Dogs are allowed on site but we ask that whilst we are taking you around the fields that they are left in the car ( of which we can constantly check ) Thats 50.00 for up to 4 people NOT each (All funds raised go into the sanctuary account for the animals)
Small children MUST be supervised by the parent whilst in the fields for both the child and the animals safety 

At the end of the tour we offer coffee, tea and a "vegan" cream scone :0) as part of the package x  
A date and time will need to be agreed  
PLEASE NOTE we can only do early evening visits during the summer as we work during the day. 
All tours have to be arranged and agreed a time and date 

PLEASE NOTE FROM NOV ~ APRIL  we are not doing the visits 
Please email us after purchase to sort date and time 

Many many thanks for your support