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The first of my CalfSanctuary  For Kids (both grown up and small :0) )

These are hand drawn by me (sharon the founder of Calf Santuary) 
Each drawing is takem fro a photo that i took of one of our rescues and comes with a mini story about the animal or the "moment in time and the emotion that i felt with the beautiful rescue.

I want to compile a range of these drawings and stories for 2 reasons...
1....To reach out to people and show the TRUTH of farmed animals, a truth that is hiedden from view 
2..To raise much needed funds to help feed, house and care for the rescues in the photo/drawing...

Calf sanctuary is home to many rescues and i have so many stories to tell that will touch the hearts of so many people....

I hope that my drawings that are done with love and compassion reach out and become a talking point...A talking point that you can then carry on with a heartfelt story...Non graphic, non abusive just one that may tug at the heart strings....

Please support what i am doing....I have travelled the vegan path for a god few years now and i have learnt the hard way, that aggession is not the answer to reach those in the dark....

Hence why i am now producing .....Light works to shine on the darkness :0)


Featured in this drawing is Me (sharon) and my much loved goaty rescue "Spencer" 

Your bag will come with a print of the artwork and a little note of who Spencer the goat is :0)

thank you for your support X

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