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Kisses Not Killing

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Kisses NOT kiling

Everywhere i go i carry a camera. The image on the bag is a photo that we took of a herd of cows with their calves last year. The cow in the photo had a calf with her and would normally be very protective and fearful, but she was not afraid of our little storm and came over to greet her with a kiss.

So sad that the calves have now gone, they will be getting fattened up for beef for two years or will be getting ready to give birth for years to come.

Now the second image is a herd of steers (castrated males) that have now gone from the field, killed and eaten by the blind consumers.

Such lovely gentle beings

PLEASE support calf and help us do more, every penny profit goes back into the cause, trying to help the beings in the photos by spreading the word and helping awaken people to the TRUTH