Vet Bills

Helping with our never ending vet care costs
Taking in rescues is no easy task, as many that come to calf are here simply because they are ill.

Our vet bills escalate every month as you will well know if you have animal companions, its hard enough in itself looking after the sick animals without the worry of looming vet bills
Please consider donating to our vet bill fund.

Our precious Sky (english bully)  has been diagnosed with kidney & liver problems and now requires a lot of veterinary care, for the rest of her life however long or short that will be.
Our oldest resident Mickey (19 year old cat ) recently had vet visits that involved xrays and medication with further treatment to follow
And that before our many many other residents at calf sanctuary
We are self funded and work very hard running and building a business but thats in the early stages and at present we do depend on your support to help us
Teamwork saves lives
Be part of what we do

Any help will be greatly appreciated!