Feral Whisper Fund

A couple of months ago we found a cat hanging around the sanctuary.

She would follow us as we could see the glint of her eyes in the darkness. We became very fond of her and when we found her going through our rubbish bags we knew that she needed help.

We started to feed her and she made home in the barns where the straw bedding is kept.

After getting cats protection involved we found out that if she were to be FIV positive they would put her to sleep..

On the day she was due to be caught and taken to vets my gut instinct said no and i put a call out online for advice as we know very little about FIV

Then one day she looked very ill and we knew that we had to get her to the vets for treatment, spaying and blood tests.

She was so poorly that the spaying was no an option, but she was put on antibiotics and had Xrays and blood tests

When we brought her home, she disappeared and my fear was she was to afraid and had done a runner because of the vet visit and human handling.

Then one night i sat in her barn and i heard a whisper ~ i looked round and there she was looking at me, happy tears to see her, she had stole my heart

“whisper” came to calf as she needed help and we could not turn our back on her

The antibiotics started to work and a week later she was looking much better.

I was SOOOO pleased, then i got the call with the blood results

Whisper is FIV positive

Whisper has been treated and recently spayed, she lives happily at calf sanctuary and we recently found out that there are 1 or 2 more ferals that visit X


Please help if you can…

Any donations will be kept for the Whisper fund and care


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