Calf Sanctuary’s First Adoption Option for our “Angel”

Angel was dumped at calf sanctuary this year
She was at deaths door, being eaten alive by maggots like we had never seen before.
She had orf disease and was literally skin and bone.
We really did not expect her to make it, but wazza (da) put his heart into helping her and he worked a miracle
Angel is so thankful to him and she truly adores him.
Adopt angel and help ALL of our sheep rescues at the same time.
Any funds raised from her adoption will go towards our latest fundraiser, to raise MUCH needed funds to purchase and erect a polytunnel for all of our sheep to get us through the winter period
Angel is adorable and *fingers crossed has passed the danger zone. Her skin is now healing well and she is eating
Adoption lasts for 1yr and you will receive a photo card with a handwritten message to you or your chosen recipient (if its a gift for someone please add a message and the address to send to along with the name )
You will receive an update half way through of how angel is doing and at the end of the year a final update and a thank EWE card
A lovely gift…A gift of life
Thank EWE for your support X


Amount: £25