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Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 8:52 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

Today Tues 19th May
Today we collected a parcel that was addressed to Duke Bullock, so lovely to see he has mail, that he has a name and is NOT a number



It was his gift from pelican manufacturing that was arranged by a friend of dukes ~ Donna …..Anti shearing pads to use over his hoist strapping to stop the rubbing
Duke and ourselves were made up and we tested these out whilst he got his acupuncture treatment

Duke has had his 4th treatment of acupuncture…
The vet bills are mounting as it costs 85.00 per week, but i have seen such improvements that i know it is worth it

Usually 2 days after his treatment we see him do something out of the ordinary…
Watch this space to see what his next little britain moment is lol

In the meantime he is snuggling with his bestie Kevin the lamb (another one of our rescues saved from death by the meat industry)


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Duke 10 weeks Care

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 7:29 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

As per usual we hit the …OMG can we help him get any further wall

With no real signs of taken the next step, again i started to question if we could do enough and was desperate to find someone out there that could help us…

WE emailed the super vet twice with not even a reply…We messaged the big groups on facebook to share dukes story to no avail as people are all so busy in their own worlds to help others even if on the same side….Yes we got help from a few but those who you really thought would be there simply blanked us…

I called horse vets…no joy
I asked for farm university help, but all to far away for duke to travel and no one was interested….I watched Dudley from gentle barn get the care he needed with underwater treadmills and my heart broke for duke as all he had was myself and partner warren :0(




Duke had his 3rd acupuncture treatment, yet i was very sad as i realised at this point that there really was nothing else that we could give duke as far as professional care or advice and i began to take on board that it really was down to us…
We had started to walk duke up the field and leave him stood whilst we got on with other jobs that were stacking up in every direction, so really his physio care was getting shorter even though aided he was moving more

His lovely smile and face breaks my heart knowing that we were so alone with so little help professionally and in the way of volunteers ….I could not understand why people were not queuing to spend time with duke…We have had a few online supporters come to help for a few hours but sadly nothing like what should be for our beautiful boy



I was feeling very down and so tired that one night i sat in his shed with duke and kevin having a glass of wine and i realised that moments like these were priceless and no matter how hard life was, we would always be there for our rescues no matter what it takes. My spirits started to lift…
I sat listening to the rain, it was coming down heavy but i felt very cosy sat in the dark with 2 good friends Duke and Kevin….When i could hear splashing sounds…
I put on the torch and to my horror i could see dukes shed was flooding


I was horrified as there was no way we could move duke as there was really nowhere else that we could put him….We could not let duke lay down as it was past ankle deep and if he were to fall on his side as he often does, there would be no way he could lift his head from the water and i dread to think what could’ve happened

Warren sat with Duke till 4 O’clock in the morning until the rain stopped and the shed started to drain….Such a worry as its not even winter. We are aware that his shelter was built on not a really good position of the field but due to the control by the owners of the place we rent we knew if it was hidden in a corner they would hopefully leave us alone

The following 2 days we spent hours digging out all the build up of winter straw that we had used for the sheep to get rid of the mud and wet….Between the two of us we shifted an awful lot of muck that was holding water and barrowed as much rubble as we could to put around the house…
I doubt very much this will totally solve the issues as now we have really looked it is in a very bad position, so no idea what will happen in winter, i just hope some miracle happens and we get the much needed move


WEll just when you think things can’t get any worse they sure do….Whilst all this is going on we have our other cows to worry about…Twilight and her udder problem and the moving of the 3 gals to whitby where we have a field full of grass…And the two highlands that we have “Gevan and Edradore” in another field that we rent along with our pigs sheep, turkeys goats and hens…As well as trying to run a vegan cafe….How i have kept my sanity i have no idea, but i guess its character building and as my father always used to say
“In the Face of adversity you WILL become stronger ” :0)
THe next day his shed was still wet no matter how much bedding we put down…..I found him on his side as it was slippy, he was covered in mud and i remembered the beginning when we had no shelter for him and how seeing him like this was a daily experience and how sad it made us feel



His friend kevin was always close by, obviously with duke falling down a lot we could not let kevin in his shed unattended unless duke was in his hoist

When duke falls kevin normally snuggles close to his buddy until we come out and get him back to his feet

Then i get a personal message from an animal communicator …Telling me duke has a message….
I have to say i do feel slightly sceptical about this simply because i am very spiritual myself and have so many stories to tell that i could write a book, if only i had the time… But for duke i went with it….

Was i alarmed at what i read….A lovely message abd very well worded…..But to cut long story short…She was telling me duke was saying he was tired and no longer wanted to continue in his earth body and that i was to go on helping other animals that needed me….Followed with another message stating that she helped animals pass over…

I sat for a few minutes so confused at what i was reading, then followed the anger….Anger that i know this boy more than most people even know their own family or partners and if anyone would know this then duke would let me know, not some stranger on the other side of the planet…
I went outside to see duke and i looked him in the eyes and told him what i thought…That i was here for him but he was also here for me and his own kind….That he had to fight with me…He listened, he shook his head and he snorted at me and i knew he was listening


The following day, i went to get him up, he was sitting upright and not laid on his side…Wow i thought…
I was busy cleaning up his poop before i helped him get up, which usually involves holding his tail to gently lift him and give him the confidence and support…
When low and behold i thought i was seeing things he got to his feet on his own and stood strong not wobbly ….
I screamed with happiness and duke new he had done good…

But that was not the end….He then lifted his tail and did a poop WITHOUT falling down….

No idea whether it was the massage, the acupuncture or the harsh words in his ears from a loving friend that made him start to fight but i was so happy as it was a sign he CAN do it…

We can now get duke up the field, once there we watch and we can see him taking steps himself to get across the field….He may never walk really well again, but he will walk simply because he is loved and he wants to live.

We still have many many months of hardwork ahead….To the point that i cannot open my vegan cafe fulltime even throughout the summer months, as i will need to be there as i cannot find a good cook/manager that could step in and take over….and if i am there then dukes care will all be down to my partner and its far to much to put on one person aswell as all the other daily chores on the sanctuary…

Sop please support Duke and Calf Sanctuary as we have such a long way to go with limited funds



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A day in the life of Duke

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 6:29 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

Duke made very slow (what seemed to us like slow) progress over the 2 months , but i guess when you spend so many hours with an animal and you want to see him walk so badly, the fear that he will never walk again becomes a gremlin in your head. Yet the change in duke was amazing…The sad tired look had gone and our boy had a sparkle in his eyes. Yes he gets frustrated and shakes his head in annoyance but he has a will to live and loves to be loved and thats what keeps us going. Many times i would sit and cry with sheer frustration myself but the special moments with this boy made me realise that the only times he looked sad were the days that i was really sad.


Dukes friendship with our lovely kevin the lamb grew and grew and it was so lovely to see that many a day they comforted each other, no sound, no words needed, just the companionship was enough



We started to put duke in his hoist more and more which seemed to be working a treat, along with chiro care and homeopathic remedies, turmeric golden paste, devils claw and glucosomin topped off with our holding him up, massaging his legs and helping him walk….

One day he would do great, the next day he would go backwards ….yet we kept going knowing that so many people cared and were watching our boy x


We diced again that we were at stalemate, even though he could now stand unaided for longer periods of time and did not need literally holing up, he could walk up the field but only with our support. We knew it was time to start to look for more outside help ..

Our vet was booked for a course of acupuncture which again was not cheap but it was another glimmer of hope of some kind of outside help. She told us that the following day he might not be to good and he wasn’t, he seemed a lot worse but apprently that was a good sign as it meant he was reacting to the treatment


I was so worried about duke that i sat in the shed with him till late and i spoke to him and he certainly listened to me, i could see him looking at me with a look that he could hear me.

The following day like a scene from little britain he managed to get himself into his shed without us helping or even seeing him lol how we have no idea

(excuse the dirty hand lol and people say to me, how do you always look so glamorous, as if lol)


Dukes 2nd acupuncture treatment by this point he knew what was coming and managed to swing around to bunt the vet, which was good to see such good movement in him
the following day he was weak again so did not do to much….
Then the next day, we opened his gate ready to help him out into the field, we got sidetracked, went back out to get him, he was nowhere to be seen….

OMG somehow he had got out of his shelter and crawled into the tint sheep shed next door…NO idea how but we were now faced with trying to get him out lol
After a huge struggle we jacked up the shelter with me inside it bent over to fit in ….Whilst trying to hold him up and get him out….I can laugh now but at the time …oh dear me lol

Spending so much time outside with duke i started to work on my phone just to pass the time and tried to think of ways to bring in an income
We started doing selfies, which to be honest i do not like my own photos but i knew that showing duke for the being, the SOMEONE that he is was far more important than my vanity or embarrassment
I totally love these photos simply because it shows dukes true personality and his charm and cheekiness so well…..Whenever i look at these images his teeth or teef as he calls them really make me smile

11081289_343668542510220_7027055412822386963_n 11205986_351992588344482_4367477844624601197_n


Everyday i could see the spark in his eyes get brighter and the bond between myself and this boy is amazing, he loves me as much as i love him and it shows. He spends hours grooming me which i let him even though i come out of the shed soaking wet lol… Because i know its his way of thanking me and returning the friendship

Some days we would work duke hard as we know he can be very lazy and lean on us rather than use his own muscles….He would look forward to rest time and put his head on my shoulder and purr in my ear such a contented sound .

Such a beautiful soul …He brightens the darkest of days


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dukes life update no2

Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 8:35 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

In total desperation for some kind of help from a professional, we had many good online calf supporters trying to get duke the publicity that was needed to reach out to anyone that could help….

I spent a long time putting together the story for the first reporter who assured me it was good news and would help duke….She took the story, then the silence deafened me…After a few days of awaiting the call from her i called her, she avoided my texts yet only showed interested and replied when she thought other media may be interested …I felt so annoyed that to her duke was just a story, a story that may cause attention simply because he may make people think….which may in turn lead to people questioning the meat industry…
i wastold no one was interested of which i did not believe for one minute…

THen i get a call from calendar news…..Again they were very interested and booked a visit for the following day…I rushed around like a woman possessed making sure all was ready for the filming as the reporter really wanted duke to be hoisted to the digger….
On the morning of the shoot i get a text to say sorry have to cancel….Yet again i am left feeling very alone, but the friendship between myself and duke has grown so strong that for every set back we become closer and stronger

then out of the blue we get a call from a wonderful calf supporter (Sharon M) who tells us she has lined up look north for an interview…

It was pretty terrifying to say the least but we were very happy with what she put together for duke that was aired on TV

Not long after she also got us in the Northern Echo And the malton Gazette which was so great to see, as far as donations or help it made very little difference but we were thankful for dukes story being told and hope that it may of touched one heart along the way

11139375_340936656116742_8852609910734244190_n 11061000_340985882778486_8398834292845013526_n


The days were getting shorter as we tried our best to get duke walking….He went from being very unstable to being able to stand unaided for longer periods, but each positive was very small and when your with him constantly it often becomes hard to see the improvements, but the chiropractor and the vet could see his achievements from a different more positive angle

We often felt like one step forwards 2 steps back….Yet duke was becoming very popular online so we decided to give him his own page which he loves ;o)

dukes page

After a hard days work which involved getting him upright early, massaging him, cleaning him upif he had been on his side, then trying to walk him and move him…Strapping him into his hoist and work his legs whilst he was stable, duke would be exhausted and so were we

11148645_341649486045459_475548167108908709_n 10915171_348372222039852_2685415239091666722_n


yet we began to see a change in duke, it was a look in his eyes, a look of love and trust and that in itself was payment enough for all the hardwork

I loved duke and he loved me right back



SAdly though we felt his walking was not improving….He was still very unsteady on his legs , but i had to keep reminding myself…Duke has had a major injury, a possible pelvis fracture and neurological damage …And this in a human could take months upon months to recover so we had to give duke the time

We lost hours upon hours of work time which means a loss in income, so a lot of the cash raised on go fund me was literally to keep calf afloat …
I started to draw duke whilst i was in the field with him….and sold a few of these in print form…but time is so short that even getting these printed mounted and posted is no easy task, but hopefully eventually things will level out







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Dukes Update May 2015

Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 7:59 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

Duke has been with us just over 2 months now and what a roller coaster ride that has been on so many levels

Where do i begin with the follow on

We ended up spending so many hours in the field in all weathers holding duke up….whilst we rattled our brains as to how and what we could do…

when the weather turned horrid we had no choice but to struggle and get him into the wendy house where we had to bend into an awkward shape to hold him up….i can laugh now but at the time it was pretty horrendous

11102677_337037593173315_7228087734257930620_n 10982445_336829476527460_4748902517029044877_n

We have been on a massive roller coaster of emotions…

We set up a go fund me page to try and raise the cash to buy a second hand digger that would help hold him up, but the cheapest bottom end of the market was still high end of 10,000 of which we really could not afford…

Desperate to get him to his feet we booked a chiropractor who came to do massage sessions and give us advice which was very helpful…

o everyday without fail we were massaging duke….with lots of oils and potions….Doing everything that we could….Hours upon hours of our time were taken up and in the early weeks i had to close the cafe that i run to be with dukes, which meant literally NO income


We had constant vet care also to check duke was comfortable and free from pain…

From some of the go fund me donations we persuaded a contractor that we knew to drop other jobs and build the shed and design a hoisting system within it that could help keep duke on his feet

It was so good to get duke indoors and the shed, build and hoist cost over 2,000 so already a huge depletion in the go fund me, but so worth it

We borrowed a sling to go with the hoist from the vets, but because duke is male and very small, it never fit him, so we bought a sling hoist at a cost of 600.00 but sadly that to was huge…

With no one to help we ended up designing a system from hoisting straps which worked well but sadly after a while he got sores so it was back to the drawing board


we designed a new one and had a local make it up, but again we were not pleased that it did the job well enogh so we went back to our system and modified it with extra padded areas to protect his inner legs

one beautiful thing though was the lovely bond and friendship that was forming between kevin the rescued lamb and duke the bullock…..duke in the early days looked so sad, but kevin helped him in his times of need and loneliness



We decided to rent a digger for a week to see if it was any good, sadly the weather was horrid and the rain very bad so we only got one really good day to use it for the purpose we hired it for….
It did work well but the cost of almost 400 per week we really could not afford so we had to let it go back and continue with the personal one on one help that he was getting X

Little kevin the lamb was always by his side….The digger worked well but the weather and wet slippy ground was against us

After 6 weeks of intense care spending around 6 hours per day with him the strain began to take its toll….The lack of working and the money i was losing was scaring me as being self employed, no work no pay…

There would be times when i would just sit and cry and think “can we do anymore for him” …I would speak to duke and look him in the eye and i would know he was listening to me…

The first real doubt i had….I told him to believe and that we could not do this alone…..I massaged him, wazza walked him and i cried as i thought we could not do enough for him…
The next day …i got home from work and wazza said
“Come here, look out the window, can you see duke? ”
“No” my reply with panic in my voice
“”thats because he walked on his own into his own shed”
Wazza stood him up then walked away to do other jobs, when he went back he panicked as he could not see him….Low and behold he was in his shed, he got sick of waiting so made his own way home.

Every tiny step of improvement was one to celebrate


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Our Hereford Bullock Rescue

Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 10:25 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

It all started on thurs 5th march when i unexpectedly got a call from a contact in the farming world…
About a dwarf hereford that was in trouble….
Sadly he was destined for death by a bullet if we could not bring him home…
In the industry he was a reject, he is a dwarf and an embarrassment to the breed…
Thankfully he got a reprieve when the people who called me took pity on him and took him into their farm.
They thought that he could live with their own cows and be used as a handling bullock that could teach people how to show and handle….
But sadly he was not doing well and falls on the hills and in the mud, plus possible attacks from the other cows ( who knows)….
He was recently found stuck and at that point we got the call to see if we could do anything….
Failing our help then he would have to be shot…
So today we rushed to see him…
OMG he melted my heart and we just HAVE to help him….

So from what i can gather he was running around that week of the 1st march to the 3rd march….but was found down on the 4th….
We saw him on the 5th of march and it was obvious he had a problem but nothing like what he is now….But i am thinking that when we saw him on the 5th it must of been just days prior that he had taken a blow or fallen…
We agreed to take the boy on, but we got a call on the tues to ask if we were sure as he seemed to be getting worse :0(
Of course we were terrified but no matter what we would do the best for him, even if we cannot get him right again we will let him go humanely (god forbid ) ..He would NEVER be shot

So we waited the delivery of a new rescue ….
When they arrived i felt ill with worry as he was down, on his side in the trailer and my heart sank as he really did seem worse…. I tried to tell myself it was the journey….4 of us struggled to get him to his feet but to no avail, we had to gently drag him from the trailer
IMG_4187 IMG_4196

Shortly before the boy arrived my partner (wazza) was rushing around to get ready for his arrival, he tripped and we ended up in hospital, thankfully no break to his ankle but another huge blow as we needed to lift the new bullock physically and it was pretty much down to me in the first couple of days.

I had booked a vet for the following morning but i was so concerned i called out an emergency vet ….Sadly with him being a cow it seems there are very little options to help these animals…..If he were a large dog or a horse then theres no problem but as i was about to find out…..Theres was really no one that wanted to really help him…..
I entered a very dark and terrifying world of loneliness and for the next 2 days i cried constantly not knowing what to do

Our vet did the routine things and our little boy was given a inti inflammatory jab and a selenium jab….He could stand if supported but then would lose his balance on his back legs and fall to the ground…So weak he did not have the strength to get back up.
We made him as comfortable as possible and prayed for a miracle

Day 2 wed 11th march
The weather had changed over night from lovely sunshine to rain and fog….Omg could things really get any worse…
The next morning i looked out of my window and my heart broke to see him on his side, after lots of tears and a huge struggle i got him up and supported him whilst he ate and drank. Tears of total heart break fell from my eyes onto his face each time he went down …I wanted to scream as no one wanted to help us
i called so many different people, from vets to horse hospitals and got the words
“sorry can’t help, or your not in my area”
I ached from head to toe after trying with all my strength to get the lad to his feet and off his side, which was no easy task for me, so poor wazza with a crutch and his leg strapped up did as much as he could….No chance to rest it as told by the hospital
We went out and bought him a coat and lots of much needed bits to keep him warm in the hope that heat would help, but he seemed to be getting worse
We massaged his legs and supported him as much as we could…..But i had this horrible sad feeling and really began to ask myself
“Were we doing the right thing”
Such a horrid feeling when you have a life in your hands that is so helpless
But i could not give up…I loved this little boy with all my heart

IMG_4292 IMG_4331
Thurs 12th march

I woke early, again i could not sleep……
What would the day bring…..I was trying hard to be strong…
I looked out of my window and yes he was down and on his side…
As i walked up the field to him i called him and i could see him moving…

I struggled big style to get him to his feet….But i did and i kept him up for a good hour making sure he ate and drank….But i had a very sad heart and feared we could do nothing for him….
In afternoon wazza got him to his feet and again made sure he ate and drank…but then he went down and was on his side…
I got on the phone again to the vets….
I went to all the nearest farm animal stores to try and get some form of a hoist, no joy so my vet said he will lend me one, its a net one which we are not to happy with but its a start…
we then drove to our last port of call, an old farmer who helped us out once in the past…
We told him the score and he could see my sadness….He is *hopefully going to drive his loader to ours in the morn and help us move him to an indoor area where we can build some kind of a hoist to get him up more using the roof joists as support…as my back is feeling the strain hugely …
After we got back this afternoon i rushed to see my boy and he laid on his side, he lifted his head when he saw me and his little face brought me to tears again…..I tried with all my might to get him to his feet and could not…..So i went and got a rope…..I put it under his neck, lifted his head to a point he could get on his front legs and i pulled with all my strength….I used his tail to lift and balance him….
I stayed with him and kept him upright for 2 and half hours….He ate loads and drank loads and he mooed a very pityful little moo….
It started to get dark but he was enjoing being upright so i could not leave him…..He loses his balance and ive learnt how to lean into him and keep him steady with his tail….
Then amazing he took a few very unsteady steps forward and that gave me a tiny glimmer of hope…
Poor little lad took his first steps….We stayed with him a while longer but poor little storms was getting very hungry that i had to call it a day….He went down but the little boy was adamant he was staying up and we watched as he got unaided to his feet…
I came in had some tea but could not settle so i went to see…He was sadly on his side, but when he heard me he struggled to get his front upright and i quickly lodged a bale to support him…..He wanted to get up again but it was late and i did not want to overdo it so i turned off the torch so he would settle
He needs to be upright more so i am hoping if we can get him inside and hoist him up, that he will get stronger….if we can achieve this then we can eventually get him outside and help him walk with the aid of a front loader…
PLEASE PLEASE support our fundraising….I love this boy with all my heart and i want nothing more than to see him walk again X

Friday 13th March
I was so pleased to look out of the window and see our boy upright :0) But still to afraid to get to excited in case he takes a turn for the worst
IMG_4346 IMG_4355
I woke early as i could not sleep thinking about little boy…
I dread opening my curtain in fear he is laid out….So lovely to see up sat in an upright position and chewing the cud….I could hear him mooing and my 3 girls ran to the fence to see him….He tried to get to his feet but cant but to see him sitting in the upright position really made me smile…
For a minute i thought to leave him in the field, but my body aches in every single muscle and wazza leg is mending so for safety and our health to i do think he needs to come in,, also if the weather turns it makes it even harder…
We are giving him some herbal potions today in his feed and stax of love….I will video his move both the good and the bad….I am very scared to expect to much in fear there is a turn for the worst, but the feeling i have now is amazing as he has given me hope …
The farmer was booked for today to get him moved indoors so we could create some kind of a hoist system….
But the boy seemed so much better
The farmer looked at him and gave us hope, he had had downed cows and he felt that we could do something with our boy …we had hope
IMG_4384 IMG_4382 IMG_4377

We now have the little lad in the garden, but we really do need to get a front loader to help us get him to his feet and some kind of a mobile shelter to put over him if it rains ….I do not have all the answers but today felt good….
I had to go to work but really feel stressed when i cannot see him

Sat 14th
Well i looked out of my window this morning to see this :0( so of course i rushed out to try and get him up

I got some food and water together and rushed out to see him, as soon as he heard me call he was struggling to get upright….I was pleased at how easy he got to the sitting position and he was very hungry…Once he has eaten i will get him to his feet and stand with him for as long as i can to keep him supported …but im at the cafe today and tomorrow so will leave him with wazza ….But waz cannot stand to long on his leg…..
But as soon as i return home i will be in the garden again :0)
We basically need some kind of a lightweight mobile shelter that we can carry around to cover him if it rains and a much needed mini front loader that we could attach him to and leave him in the upright standing position….
PLEASE help us reach our goal on Go Fund Me…..A tractor will be well in excess of 10,000 but we can put some towards it…We URGENTLY need your help to help our boy get better sooner….

Even just typing this blog or doing updates really stresses me as its time i could be stood outside supporting him….

A tractor would do that job


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