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Beautifully Sad

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 at 10:43 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Well another day that has rocked my world….This week i feel much better, last week i was laid up with exhaustion or something along those lines, so whilst i feel fitter i thought make the most of it…

All the waters are frozen so it meant filling containers for all and removing the frozen ice from the drinkers…Lucy was waiting for me bless her, very thirsty ….She even let me stroke her, she is now getting very used to me and she knows that we are not going to hurt her…Love her to bits X


Then on with a  thorough muck out for goats and sheep….Which means removing all bedding and scrubbing out with disinfectant ….I started off freezing cold but soon started removing the layers, even took the hot water bottle out of me trews lol :0)


After scrubbing it out and lots of fresh new straw, a crowd appeared :o) which is always nice to see everyone enjoying a new fresh bed
Then its down to the turkey den to take the gang treats and make sure bruce is ok….Today i resprayed their legs, as bruce has a bit of a growth in between his toes :)) ….We treated it a few weeks ago and its looking a lot better….He now listens for my song on a morning then shouts so loud with excitement as he knows treats are coming X


Then its time for fresh hay for the sheep gang and i laugh as i see the lovely little emily following wazza everywhere just like a puppy ….Alfie lamb watches and the shy ed ead stands watching lol


Now time to muck out the sheep trailer and the goat house …”spencer and surjit”  love to be nosey and have to be IN whatever we do.

Not an easy tasking bringing in the straw though as everyone wants to climb on it or eat it x
IMG_2534 IMG_2547
Once all the hard works done its lovely to see them playing….The goaty boys think the new door opening is great, they kept jumping out of the door and running around to the front again just like kids X

These two suffer badly with leg problems in the winter….We have had the vet out and are back on top of it now….But it takes a lot of care to make sure they are in good condition and free from bugs….Today we treated them with a pour on solution as i feel they leg issues are better but still there but the lads know we are looking after them….Their little bleats really upset me though as it is a sound that tugs at the heart strings

….All nice and clean, a cuddle with the rest of them….

Alfie lamb now all grown up but he still loves to be tickled
and no the fur on my hood is not real, don’t even think it :0( ..its very cold where we live and this is the warmest coat i own



edie and alfie lamb….both wanting my attention at the same time…scratching my leg with their hooves when i stopped stroking them….so cute but i need more hands
The video below is emily lamb also wanting attention

Then its time to check everyone over….Emily had scours a while ago and i got the feeling she had a build up of poops on her fleece so yes we had to carefully cut away and balls of poop….But she got lots of hugs X

IMG_2555 IMG_2556

All done…well the sheep and goats….

Then the weather changes and the snow really starts to come down….So off i rush to take hay to gevan and edradore just incase we get snowed in….

They were so pleased to see me and when i left i could just tell they were sad….

I drove around the field to the front main road, parked my car to go and check their water was not frozen…..Gevan spotted me and came galloping over the field like a horse…Her hair blowing off her face i could see her expressions and her huge eyes so full of excitement that i was still there, little edadore loved the new look gevan and he loved running behind her kicking his legs up as he ran….
Gevan was a bit alarmed though as she knew i am not normally at this end of the field….Her eyes wide she kept looking at the field opening and i know she was thinking …Somethings different and in fear she was watching for someone coming….Creatures of habit, if something changes then they fear and gevan obviously was looking for the dreaded foot trimmer (yes she is that intelligent)

Once she realised no one was coming she took a drink…..

i waved bye and they stood watching me go….so sad

i got in my car and i could see her through the hedge running alongside my car….i stopped and got out again and she was so giddy looking for me, running and playing, she wanted me to come back….The snow at home was worrying me so i had to go….As i drove away i thought

I HAVE to get a new home where theres room for these two….

I set off for home and the snow got worse the nearer home i got…..

Then i turned the dreaded bend and there on the road were 2 pheasants …..One looked dead, the other poor girl was writhing about, i stopped the car but could not get out as its a really bad corner…..So many thoughts raced through my mind….I had no idea what to do as there was nowhere to park…..She eventually stopped writhing and slumped on the floor…..I thought ok she is dead and i drove on…..

But i kept thinking, what if she isnt…..Of course i had to go back….i pulled into the area they shoot and walked to her body, the first one was dead, only just, the 2nd one…..i bent down and her eyes looked at me…
Omg im so sorry i said as i bent down to scoop her up….In tears i put her into my car

I called a lady i know who is an expert but now the snow is so bad its not drivable

She told me to put her in the house in somewhere warm in the dark….tomorrow if she is stiil alive we will try and get to a vets….the weather tonight is almost 5 inch of snow

Heartbreaking that the shooting industry are allowed to cause so much suffering and road accidents just so some twat  in tweed can feel like a man…:0(

such a sad ending to a lovely day…..But im thankful i found her and even if she dies, she will die surrounded by warmth and love

Another vision today that builds who i am and why i am here…

Its easy to look away, its easy to drive on and pretend all is ok, but it takes will and strength to LOOK and make a difference……She may not live, but hopefully her story will touch hearts and raise awareness


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Cow a bunga hay

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 1:08 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

There truly is never a dull moment in sanctuary life for so many reasons….

Today started with freezing fog, not very pleasant at all. I was looking out the window just getting ready to see to the animals, i was thinking if i rush it this morning i can spend a good few hours on my bookwork that is now very late.

I should of known better than to try and plan my day lol

Warren was supposed to be nipping off to work, but he was not feeling to good and the freezing fog was very hard to drive in, so he came back home and said he would take a knap and hope he felt better to nip out later (omg how thankful am i that he did come back unexpected)

My sheep looked strange they were all stood up looking up the field and i knew there was a problem….I thought maybe a shooter in the woods. So i went outside to check.


The fog was very dense so i stood a while and listened, i couldn’t hear anything but i just knew we had a problem ( gut instinct)
THEN all of a sudden i could see a shape in the fog…..
“OMG its a COW shape coming down the drive” a million things rushed through my head then i realised it was Freckles closely followed by twilight….
“WAZZA !!!!!!!!!!! we have a problem” my heart pounding as there is a main road at the top of the drive, with NO BLOODY gate as the estates won’t let us put one on
I quickly rushed to open the bottom paddock door then realised all the sheep were there and would come out….
Wazza grabbed a bag of feed to try and entice the cows, but they were now off up the drive…

I felt sick with worry i wanted to sit and cry as my worst fear ever was infront of me yet topped off with dense fog, if they got to the road a car would not even see them…

I shouted the sheep and amazingly they all came running into the garden as if they knew they had to get out of the field so that i could open the bottom gate…

Wazza rushed to get the defender going to drive to the top and try and block them…
I went hurtling up the drive in my slippers….

Where was baby LuVu …how had the got out….How are we going to get them back in…..

Then Luvu came running over the field thankfully she was still in….

“come on girls” i said rattling the feed bag…..They both followed me and then we saw the broken fence….After a bit of enticing they followed me back in….

Cows are such HUGE animals, when something goes wrong it really is no easy task to put it right…

I so need to get the much needed move, the next place i go will be more fitting for such big animals and the boundaries WILL be secure….

It was a fence weak spot and the girls must of got trapped in the corner with the stable door blown shut, so it eventually gave way…..

My seriously late accounts took another backseat as we have spent the rest of the day trying to repair the fence and make sure it never happens again

IMG_2258 IMG_2257
So thankful that wazza never went to work, the thought of what could of happened ……

Thankfully the angels were watching over us again today

Vegan marg would not melt in their mouths…..With a look of total innocence IF ONLY they knew the stress they caused me today…

Wading through sloppy manure poop in my best slippers with a hot water bottle tucked down my trousers running around frantically

It really would make a good TV soap lol


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When i’m not in the cafe

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at 1:23 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Most of the time i am to tired to cook as theres always so much to be done on the sanctuary….
So i cheat and why not hey :0)

These were on offer in tesco’s…..Im not one normally for readymade food but thought id give it a try….

Half a pot with some wilted spinach, rocket and garlic bread

Oh my it was so tasty and so EASY

Suitable for veggies vegans and vulcans :))



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Another day of graft

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 9:41 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

People often say “Omg your so lucky, you are living the dream” i often laugh as most people have no idea how hard sanctuary life really is…..Especially when you also have to work a job to keep it all running….

After seeing to my highlands, the pigs and hens yesterday….Today begins with taking a look at our cow shelter as yesterday i ran out of daylight ….armed with a wonky wheelbarrow  and a garden fork off i went…..

We usually remove the poop daily, but the cows have been out doors a lot this winter as its been so mild, we hate to lock them up when theres no need (even though the owners of the estate have threatened me with the words
“Never in history have people left cows out in the winter”
My reply….”yes but you have never really met a someone like me have you” lol

So on close inspection i felt unhappy with the poop situation so decided to totally muck them out…(NO easy task)

I soon discovered that one of the barrows had a flat tyre and i sat with head in my hands and laughed at how dated our system is, oh to have the correct tools for the job…..Our 3 cows that started off small are now huge, as i chose to rescue limousins which have to be one of the largest breeds as well as the bossiest….


My back was soon aching and the moo cows waiting outside hoping to come back in, making the task even harder as “twilight” is a real madam …Trying to wheel a barrow full of poop through a cow obstacle course with a flat tyre is no east fete ( i really think my life would make such a good soap)

An audience awaits to come indoors lol

At one point “Madam Twilight” the boss cow, decides she IS coming in…..She runs into the barn starts buckarooing, then spots the fresh straw bale, hooks it on her horn and tosses it in the air….Now these cows are pretty big and a totally different nature to the highlands so i do not hang about and run outside until wild child twilight has finished, i caught the tail end of her antics on video lol

Half way through the first barn area, my backs aching i can do no more….Tomorrow wazza will help me as the other barn area is deeper as its where they eat hay so theres a build up of hay which is harder to lift.
Oh to have an army of dedicated volunteers….Yet again things could be so different if calf had their own place :0( But i carry on till that day happens

his afternoon with help from my other half we got stuck in and tackled the rest and the otherside…..the darkside lol ….I watched and listened as he huffed puffed, moaned and sweated lmao


I have now written a note to SELF…..Make sure i check and muck out every two days no matter what….The next place we get will have more land and bigger shelters, the mucking out would be nowhere near as bad with bigger spaces…..

BUT and theres always a BUT…..20 mins on my back massage chair soon sorted me out and sitting in the hay feeder stroking these lovely 3 ladies really makes all the efforts for them so worthwhile X

IMG_1761 IMG_1764
Does the day end there…..No it doesn’t…..

Time to get cleaned up…..

Go shopping ready to open the vegan cafe tomorrow…

Come home, cook soups, pies and cakes

Get down to calf cafe…..Home made No meat and potato pie with mushy peas and my special gravy…..Oooooolala



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Just a normal day lol

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 8:39 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

I ask myself  “what is a normal day”
In my life there is no such thing….Long hard days BUT i am NOT complaining, i ADORE my animals, they mean the world to me and i would not change a thing
( well i would change the place i live and bring all of them together and open to the public) But as far as the hard graft goes, it pails into insignificance when i look into the eyes of the beauties that we have saved :))

Today we woke early to our second hay delivery….I was so tired of living on the edge, so with the recent donations and the xmas gifts  we decided we would stock up…


So pleased to have plenty of hay for feed and straw bedding, that will last just over 2 months….Over 200 bales cost a whopping 600 pounds (arrrrgggg)
I try not to tot up what we use as its pretty scary ….The winter months we are going through around 35 bales per week….( omg now that is scary)

ANYWAY lol (thinks about the good things ) A barn full of hay today and fresh straw really made me smile and i decided to give all our rescues a thorough clean out…

So my days off, what do i do, do i sit and relax, do a bit of relaxation….( lol whats that :0P)

NOPE, i use the time away from the cafe to do the MUCH needed jobs on the sanctuary…

My other half sees to the animals when im in the cafe, but being a woman (lol) its never done quite the way i want it…..I love to see them all very clean with lots of fresh straw and a good check over…I seem to a have a built in mechanism that just knows when any of them are not quite right ( i call it mothers instinct)

Yesterday i spent a few hours with the highland moos gevan and edradore….Sadly both have mange so i am totally on my guard to try and get rid of it….Quite difficult to brush 2 cows at the same time as gevan is very jealous so it usually means i give quite a few treats to keep them occupied …Sadly i discovered that edradore has mange on his boy bits ….ARGGGHHHHHH

I have treated them both with the industry chemicals as its something i REALLY need to get on top of….But now i need to remove the scabs as they are thick and prevent topical treatments….So my lovely job was to try and remove thick armour like scabs from edradores boy bits….After spending a good bit of time brushing them both, i then use wondergel a natural healing gel to sooth and help heal any sores…. we have more treats and they really love the friendship we have….These two animals really are special and they both know i am helping them :0)

I hate leaving these two but sadly i have no choice, they are a good 20 min drive from my home as i do not have enough land where i live and there are restrictions on how many animals i can have…BUT i am THANKFUL for small mercies and i know one day i will bring them home to a calf forever home :))

My day does not end there…..

mucking out of our 5 pigs with lots of cuddles a treat training for the 3  piglets that are growing MASSIVELY,  i need to spend time with these 3 as they are industry meat pigs ( i detest that word)  that will be huge once fully grown….So bonding time is VERY important

IMG_1682 IMG_1702
My day does not end there though

Cleaning out the hens, fresh water for everbody, the turkeys to rebed …..The lists go on and on…..i run out of daylight

I already know that day 2 of my days off are spoken for :0)




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My day with the animals

Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 6:47 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

At last xmas is over and i can get back to normality ( if there is such a thing in my life )

I have not had much time to spend with gevan and edradore for the last few months, with work and xmas, plus the fact they live a good half hour drive from home.

I was hoping to bring them home for winter and even had the shed panels built, sadly the estates that own the land and home, sent us a nasty letter with many finicky silly comments and threats on our tenancy so instantly i dare not bring more cows home nor dare i get the shelter built in fear they would say NO….

So at last today i had a good few hours to spare to go and see them both, to give them a thorough brush and check over

Gevan LOVED it and she stood so patiently enjoying her pampering….Last year at this time she acquired lice ( as they come out of the wood and live on a warm host in the winter) so i came prepared with the treatment just incase…

As i started to brush her legs i was shocked to see scabs and fur coming away….I called the highland specialists that i know and was told its very likely to be mange as it does live in the wood like lice ….After a good brush and lots of hair loss around her bottom area and down her inner legs i then soothed her with wondergel …..I treated her with mange solution and will now keep close watch….My goaty boys at home also have a mange type ting on their legs that comes back every winter and is hard to keep on top of ….Being on the farm really is a full time job or more hands needed as you really need eyes in the back of your head to keep on top of it all.

But im glad i spotted it and will do my best to get the problems sorted ….Obviously i will call a vet if it does not get better, but nowadays i prefer to gp to those in the industry as they know the animals far better than the majority of vets..But having said that i think its time for a calf sanctuary vet visit to do a good check up on all residents for peace of mind

Images below are the bits you do not see under her tail and down her inner legs


Once i had given a thorough check up i drove to nearest farm to get fresh straw bedding for them and made as sadly the field has nowhere to store anything :o(
A new fresh clean bed, lots of hay and some hugs





Then i drive back home to start the work on the sanctuary….Lifting hay bales, moving straw, mucking out all the animals….Checking them all over

Tonight my cheeks are rosey, my hair is wind swept and im shattered, BUT and its a big BUT …..i an HAPPY i have spent time loving and looking after the beings that i LOVE with all my heart and that is WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT

Gone are the days that i want or need possessions for the self, the greatest gift that gives me the hugest smile that comes from within, is the look in the eye of the animal that we have saved from death, a look of love from the eyes of a sentient that would not be here now AND thats what makes all the hard work so worth it

NO possessions can ever even come close to the feeling or pleasure these animals bring me x

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It never rains it pours

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 9:39 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

It never rains but it certainly does pour in my life, but thats ok i’m getting used to the stormy ride….I guess its character building as well as life changing…

When i took this path in life i knew it would not be easy, yet i never expected it to be quite so hard..

Below is just an average day in the life of me…read it and weep…..i did….but im ok now, i know one day i will look back and laugh at it all

The days start with such excitement, as the shed panels that have been built are delivered….We were hoping to nip off today to get the roof sorted, get it built at the weekend ready to move our highland rescues gevan and edradore home for s few months over winter….

I do my happy dance as i watch our new shed coming in….and its one that can be dismantled if we move.

My dance soon stopped when their van got stuck in the field lol and wazza had to drag them out

Half hour later we managed to tow them out of the field and off we went on our way to get the roof ordered.

We set of on our ride through pheasant alley where they shoot and the roads are an obstacle course with so many lifeless bodies on the roads.

I dread this time of year in fear of hitting one. Last week i saw a bird bounce off our windscreen as the man infront hit the pheasant, we stopped to see if he was alive but thankfully he was killed outright….Yet the trauma it cause is intense.
As we were driving i spotted another buzzard just like mister hawkins a few weeks ago…He was sat at the side of the road.
I looked at wazza and he said
“I Know” before i could even speak….
We turned around and managed to pick him up….

“Billy Buzzard” i fell in love again, i wrapped him in my coat

We rushed him to a specialist, he was so lovely…..


The lady took him to the vets but sadly he died…They xrayed him to find no broken bones,  a post mortem revealed a mass bruise down one side of his body, yet no internal blood …there was blood on his beak…
They are clueless as to why he died….The place i found bill was in the same area that i found mister hawkins and this place was raided a while ago and poisons found….The police and all relevant authorities notified
So sad that he never made it but so thankful we found him and covered him in love before he died x
RIP Billy buzzard x 333

After this trauma we were left with very little time to get the roof ordered so we nipped into B and Q but they were taking to long….Tense nervous headache as we had yet to drive 40 minutes to get storm from school….In the end we had to say never mind we will come back tomorrow as a simple job of paying for the items to collect the next day seemed like a mammoth challenge

My back had been aching a bit but i thought hay hoooo…till i got into the car….OMG the pain was horrendous and after 5 minutes driving i was in agony….Poor wazza had to pull over and help me out of the car in tears of pain….
I ended up on the back set laid out in a very odd position just to ease the pain…
I have had a few back problems but never felt it this intense….the last time i could not walk for 3 days and this felt worse…..So we rushed home and i put heat on it straight away and kept taking pain killers, it eased it a great deal but i know its asking me to rest and for once i am listening to my body telling me to slow down.

On arriving home, the grand finale that certainly took my mind off my back….A large brown envelope and i recognised the handwriting….It was the estates who own the small holding….I wont go into details, but it was basically a very bizarre threat that was so odd, threatening our tenancy ….I was livid as the main reason being we have interfered with “Sporting Activities” on a number of occassions, along with a list of stupid comments…
I had all on not to get straight on the phone, but i am learning to hold back on my red headed fire, especially when my animals depend upon me

I went to bed early but woke with a more positive feeling….I know i have to move, i have put all i own up for sale to try and raise a deposit, i have seen a few lovely places, i just pray that something sells soon, as i know they are on our case.

If i can get moved it really would be a positive….I could open to the public, i could raise more awareness and the world could come and meet our rescues. I would run educational school visits, a bed and breakfast and so much more…
I just hope 2015 is the year of calf.

The saddest part for me is, there is no way now that i can build the field shelter where we live, even though it is the correct size limitations, i just know that the estate will have another go at me and even moreso if i bring my highlands home….So sadly my much loved cows will not be coming home for xmas…:0(

Today i called the bank, i have everything up for sale to raise a deposit, but cannot even think about a move unless i sell up…..Even if i sell all, i will still be taking on a huge mortgage….The bigger deposit we can raise the better place calf can look for….
If you can help with the forever calf home….A place called home for Sanctuary Rescues for life…That will live on long after we have vacated this place.

PLEASE DONATE…..I KNOW with help CALF can move forward

Raising the Roof Forever home

You can do this in leu of a gift…..What a perfect present to give…..Building a safe home for calf sanctuary rescues….A peaceful place that they will live out their lives…A place where the public can visit

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Moooooooving The moo cows

Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 8:58 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

After months and months of moving human family members from building to building, at last we found a day to give time to our 3 cows at the sanctuary.
With a few very wet days, the ground in the field where our cows are at present is very slippery and muddy and freckles is looking like she has had a fall, so today we had to get stuck in and make sure the winter housing was all finished and bedded out with rubber mats in place…
Fingers crossed the land outside their winter housing this year will not turn into a swamp pit as we had it dug out this year and a tonne of stone put down


New hurdles in place, land reinforced, the holding crush moved….At last the girls are moved over and they can take shelter in the stables

They stand and watch from the other field, they know something is going on X
Check out baby “LuVu” in the middle…omg she was the smallest not so long ago

oving the cows over from field to field is always very scary, but thankfully it went smoothly….
The girls could not get into their straw beds fast enough…..We leave the doors open, unless the weather gets really bad, to give them freedom to come and go…Most are shut away into tight barns for the whole of the winter

Twilight looked so peaceful and please to lay in luxury X

We knocked through this year to the other smaller stable area as the cows are growing very big and the space they have is getting tight…In industry they would cram cows into small areas, but we are not industry and we want the cowsto be happy….Baby LuVu i could not see her then i saw some eyes peeping lol

I went to the other door and really could not believe the size of LuVu in the stable…

OMG how much she has grown in one year…its looking like we really need to move the next coming year as the cows are outgrowing the space

So pleased that another job has been sorted….now to try and get the highlands home X

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 12:35 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Every being is totally unique and today i saw it first hand

Over the last few weeks my life has been very turbulent and i have not had a minute to spare ….The only time as see my animals is as i drive by on my way to work….But i know they are in good hands as my other half looks after them.

I looked out of my window and watched for a minute…Wazza did not know i was watching him, i laughed at what i saw

He was filling the hay feeder and the goaty boys spencer and surjit climbed into the feeder to eat….
I could see the annoyed look on his face as the goaty double trouble prevent the sheep from eating until they have done with it…
I smiled as i watched his face as i could read all he was thinking…

Ed Ead our leader sheep :0) Is the only one brave enough to stand up to the goaty twins…
wazza was bent down opposite ed who is a lovely leader but very shy of humans other than me :0) i could see waz having a conversation with him threw the bars and i giggled as i know he wants to win him over lol…

Then i watched as his face changed from the manly man to man convo with ed ead, to a huggable dad face as edie and emily the babies of the gang nudged him for hugs ….They moved on as milo appeared, who also wanted a hug, but the hug he gave was more a rough n tumble boy to boy hug….it was lovely to see, i could see wazzas facial expressions and his body langusge change with each sheep the came to him…

Then i watched as his face lit up and i knew his boy jesse pip was coming to him….I watched as jesse pip snuggle right in for a cuddle from his human dad and my smile was huge

So lovely to see sheep with character, each one being treated as an individual with different needs and wants


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Calfs Piggies

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 6:00 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Ahhh bless them…today they have made me smile so much….
I do not get to see any of our animals very much as i am to busy working…
But now we have closed the cafe to winter opening i have a bit more time to spend with them….
Today i cleaned up piggy area and reinforced the windows ready for the winter gales…
Pops and Mo loved it as i got to spend time with them…
Little mo was very excited at breakfast he could not stop talking, even with his mouth full


Mo followed me everywhere as he had not seen me for a long time, he even broke into the hen house when i was cleaning it out….Pops wanted to forage, mo just wanted to be tickled…even the frantic tail wagging did not spoil his fun even though it was in his face

Pops he is so cute, such a funny little boy, the two boys are chalk and cheese, totally different personalities ….MO is very sensitive, pops could not really careless ….Both adorable


Pops was so giddy when he broke into the henhouse he was so busy snouting about, everytime i spoke to him or said his name his tail wagged frantically…YES he knew i was talking to him…and his tail wagged accordingly….I told him i had a pressie for him in his own pad lol …..His tail wagged frantically when he went to his home and found his present

Video proof lol :0)
Number 1…Mo getting tickles and tickled by his brothers excited tail lol

No 2….Pops goes home and finds his treats

Then i spent time with our 3 piglets….The huffed and they puffed as i played with Pops and Mo…Sadly the area we have them all is only small and we have to keep the two groups separate …Which meansthe piglets doors are open late afternoon and through the night so they can go to the loo outside…Then they are shut away so that pops and Mo can come out to the yard and toilet….Bonding pigs is not easy as most pigs will fight ( now spare a thought for the millions of meat pigs (of which mine are) That are thrown together to head for slaughter)
The 3 Piggies
Poppy, Buddy and little dude….They are a respite, a saving grace, a gift from heaven….They NEVER cease to give me a lift….I ADORE my animals…Today i felt so loved by them each one has their own characters, their own charm that melts my heart…I was nibbled affectionately, i was used as a scratching post and hugged affectionately
I gave them a new toy of which they loved…Poppy is the boss ( well she is a girl lol ) so the boys never really got a look in…but they loved playing
Poppy, she is so clever….and so very pretty, she is growing into a beautiful young lady pig


We need more toys for our piggys….The gang LOVED the new treacle covered bouncy swinging ball, it was lovely to see them busy and having fun…I could do with setting one up for the pot bellies pops and mo to keep them a bit fitter

Roll on next week so i can get more time with the gang X


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