Story of Mamamoo

Mamamoo touched the hearts of 1000s of people, who watched her life story whilst she was with us at  Calf Animal Sanctuary
We only got a year with her but that was enough to have a life long, lasting impact on myself and many other people.

Mamamoo is the reason calf exists today

In the year 2010 my life changed massively, i found veganism and i found mamamoo two of the best things that have happened in my that have put me on a spiritual road of enlightenment.

After being unhappy with life and having no real reason to get out of bed other than to earn a living to exist, we decided to take a chance and uproot.
We could not afford the dream farm so settled for second best, a rented small holding.
We settled in nicely but the paddocks were empty. So one day we just pulled into a local farm and asked if they had any cows going to slaughter that they would sell us. At first the farmer looked shocked but thankfully he understood what we wanted to do….”Ahhhh come and look in my odds and sods department” he said


We were taken to a barn where a huge freckly moo cow was laid along with a tiny thin red calf
“yes these are going to slaughter at the end of september” 2010, she was so old that she would be slaughtered and burnt due to BSE measures within the industry her body was not fit for consumption, of which makes me wonder how come her calves bodies were though, surely if BSE were a risk then so would be her babies…

Hmmm i guess what the consumer does not know won’t hurt them :0(

“Omg i thought, i have no idea about cows, especially huge old ones”

The little red calf looked so frail, i had no knowledge about looking after calves or old cows.
cowsjuly30 (128)

We left, thinking about it, but i could not get her out of my mind
The next day we went back and agreed to take her on along with her baby. Whilst there i also chose a beautiful grey heifer that reminded me so much of a bull i befriended in a field  alone
Terrified to say the least, but the farmer was a great help and we also took advice from cow experts at hugglets  cow sanctuary.

moo3 332

With her poorly baby at her side, we took her on…
As we drove away, we heard a loud moo, i looked back and one freckly face was peering out from behind the bars…I looked at the farmer…
“thats her baby from last year” he told me..
“Keep her for me i will come back for her too” i replied
I knew nothing about cows, but the very thought of mamamoo being killed after 18 years of service being broke my heart.
It was a big decision to step into the unknown, but i am so glad we did.
I have learnt so much and seen a side to cows that people rarely get to see.

MaMaMooo became good friend.
She learnt to trust me and i appreciated every precious moment that i got with her.
i knew she was on borrowed time as her arthritis gradually got worse and worse but i comforted myself with the thought that she would grow old gracefully and when the time comes i will do the right thing for her.
She had served 18 years and every calf she had given birth to had been taken, killed and eaten :0(..She would spend whatevertime she had with her baby calf that would never be taken from her


This old dear was beautiful inside and out, after 18 years of hard labour and many many births, she grew to  love the human touch, she would  gently bow her head of which used to scare me, but i learnt that it was a mark of respect, a way to greet me.

I loved her so much and want to share her story with all those who have no idea, those who think “Its just a cow”, how wrong could you be, these animals are no different to the cats and dogs that you domesticate and keep as family pets, the only difference is YOU, the fact that you have disconnected to allow the abuse to take place.

Cows are not food, they are innocent gentle sentient beings with as much right to life as any of us, please take the time to LOOK and you will see the true beauty that is hidden away by the meat and dairy industry.

I would walk up the paddock every day and her face would appear in the stable window, sometimes i would stand grooming her and the feeling of love and calmness would be overwhelming.
I began to get used to her ways and no longer feared her, i learnt that by bowing her head she was not always going to bunt or nudge me, she was actually saying thank you.


There was one occassion that she brought her calf to the stable door, she nudged it forward then backed off standing behind “LuVu” and i just knew she was trying to tell her baby that she was safe :0)
Not long before mamamoo died, i was grooming her and talking to her, telling her how much i loved her with tears flowing as the thought of letting her go so soon after meeting her really did hurt….When she made eye contact with me, a look that i will never forget. It kind of startled me and i thought “what is she doing”
She leant forward and licked my hand..Such a massive honour that really did touch my heart.

A few days later mama could barely walk, i called the vet out and she told me it was time, i will never know to this day if it was mamas time to go, but i trusted the advice of my vet….Sadly we had her put to sleep and i lost one of the most sincere genuine loving beings that i have ever met.
We were told to leave mamas body for the girls to grieve over and they did, it was so sad to see but it was a way for the girls to say goodbye to their mother
IMG_2544 IMG_2545

After mamamoo had been taken away, as i was not allowed to keep the body (however i did get mamas ear tag sent back to me as a keep sake
The two sisters Freckles and Baby LuVU started to bond and comforted each other

I sat sobbing as mamamoo was put to sleep, i was so distraught that i could not be with mama by her side as i would of distressed her but i watched from my afar….I saw mama go down and my heart broke, even now i cry just thinking about it…I asked for something, a sign to remember her by….I lifted my head from my hands and looked up the filed and the first thing i saw was a cluster of red poppies…..Mamamoo will be forever remembered by poppies


The following day i was out shopping, i asked mama for a sign that she had passed over ok, that she was happy….I walked around the corner and there was a bike, with a huge red poppy on the front of it…”Oooo l,ook mum, the bikes called “storm”

That was enough sign for me….Thank you mama X

In the memory of mamamoo, calf sanctuary will live on, her children will live with us until the day they naturally die….I am honoured to have met such a special being…

RIP mama, run free with all your children …You were LOVED X



MaMaMoooo’s Story

A Scruffy old barn, with so little hay
18 year old MaMa and her baby lay

A big old girl, blind in one eye
My heart feels heavy, i heave a sigh

Going to be burnt, after shes killed
Leaving her baby, makes me feel chilled

“Why oh Why” she has served you well
To put this old gal threw living hell

No milk left, given birth after birth
To the farmer its money, she is no longer worth

Her calf looks ill, is she going to die
“Please dont kill her ~give me a try”

Looks me in the eye, whilst chewing her cud
“I will come back soon, i promised i would”

Tears do flow, il save her from death
The rest in the barn, only limited breath

18 years old, shes here MaMaMoooooooo
To live out her days with baby “LuVu”

A lovely old beast, i love her so much
Big old softy, my heart she did touch

Look in her eyes, can you hear her heart call
MaMaMoo is a lesson, a lesson to all

“i love my calf, i am now complete”
yet the sadness dont leave, for my friends whom you eat

RIP mamamoo…run free with all your children….i look forward to meeting you again :0)
Since mamamoo died i have had quite a few spiritual experiences and i just know that she is nearby, i may not see her but the signs and the feelings i get tell me she can see me

I have so many stories of mamamoo that are locked away in my heart and i will share the moments and special times …simply because i have recently spoken to people about calf and mamamooand everytime the stories have reduced people to tears…mamas stories touch the hearts and help people to see that ALL life is sentient, all beings are capable of giving and receiving love

sharon x

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  1. I love your site! I just read about Mamamoo and her 2 children. BLESS YOU for saving this family and giving Mamamoo time with her children <3 I am in Pennsylvania and cannot wait to come to your CALF Vegan Cafe in New Jersey!!!! I'll be 51 next month and this is where I want to be on my birthday!!! I am a vegetarian for a long time, but after reading Mamamoo's story I am giving up dairy… I just can't eat it knowing what I know now and contribute to the death and suffering of the dairy industry. Bless you for sharing your story and your site! <3 XOXOX
    Sharon Veronica in PA <3