Gevans Story

Our Highland Heifer Rescue

By chance a few years ago i saw this beautiful cow and fell in love with the highland breed, so stunningly beautiful.
Then out of the blue i bumped into the owners, i was informed that she was to be possibly sent to slaughter for beef at the end of the summer due to the feet problems and excessive growing hooves.
I felt devastated and could not sleep for thinking about her. After a bit of a wrangle and utter determination not to give up on her i persuaded the owners to sell her to me.
I assured the owners that if i could not control the corkscrew claw condition that i would have her put to sleep….

But i knew that even if i could not help her she would not be killed violently, she would be euthanased with me right by her side

We put out pleas to the public and within a week calf had raised the funds to rescue her



The day we went to collect her was the day i realised that she was someone very special.
A good friend Lucy arrived with her trailer to transport her for us to her new home
“The Field Of Dreams”….The owner tried to get her in the trailer but she would not go….I watched in fear as he tried with no joy to get her in…My heart in my mouth at the thought of not being able to get her to move, so many emotions running through my mind.
Terrified as i never really knew her, i walked into the pen, i looked at her held up a bucket and said
“come on us redheads stick together”
And low and behold, she looked straight at me and followed me into the trailer

This girl was a friend of the soul X

Safely in the trailer, she set off to her new life at calf sanctuary where her whole world would change for the better X

Sadly the day gevan arrived i lost a very good friend :0( my “vegan”


Gevan came to us on a very sad day….The 19th of august 2013 was the day we had booked to go and get her…
Sadly our much loved sheep Vegan had to be rushed to liverpool university on sat the 17th of august and we were faced with a huge decision as to whether to get him operated on.
The picture above was the day we dropped him off, it was the last time i saw him alive

The day i had to make the decision my much loved boy died, of a surprise heart attack prior to any surgery, he made the decision for me, leaving a huge gap in my life, yet the day was a very special day that i will never forget as our new rescue gevan had to be collected which gave me no time for grieving of which would of been far worse for me if this girl had not of been coming to us.

As a mark of respect we renamed this girl “Gevan” of which is an anagram of my “Vegans” name

Everytime i say the name gevan (pronounced given) i think of my boy that died, i still feel huge sadness that he has gone.
He may be gone but never forgotten as he lives on in the field of dreams


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