Freckles Story


Freckles my Friend

Little spotty face peered out threw the gate
Eyes so sad pleading change my fate,
My heart feels heavy as i keep looking back
Im leaving her there but shes part of the pack,

To market she will go, fattened to eat
Say that you care yet deny what is meat,
You love your dog, cat or a bird
Cows are NO different why havent you heard,

September is near i hear her call
Ive got to go back shes had no life at all,
Precious little “freckles” is now here with me
Shes part of the herd and my family,

Her life will be happy and more than two years
Never be afraid nor shed any tears,
To all of the cows that i cannot save
Not even given respect of a shallow grave

Freckles the cow is as sweet as can be
And this is what she wants the world to see,
Her life is worth more than her skin on your feet
Its really quite simple just STOP EATING MEAT

~Sharon Vegan Lawlor october 2010

We rescued “Mamamoo” along with her very ill baby “Luvu” and a silver heifer named “Twilight”
As we drove away, there was a loud moo, we stopped and looked back, saddened to see a little freckly face peering out through the bars.

I called to the farmer “who is that”

His reply

Her baby from the previous year

Of course we had to go back for her. :0)



Freckles is still with us 2016 and fingers crossed will grow old with us ay calf sanctuary