Calf Sanctuary

Calf Sanctuary is a “Not For Profit Organisation” we are home to many animals and in the near future we are looking to work with special needs and disabled children, plus the new sanctuary may lead us to also using our ssi land as a nature reserve and wildlife protected area. There are many more options now available to us with our new place
So we are at present looking at the benefits of becoming a registered charity.

We are home to unwanted animals and often some are sick or injured, we are not a farm and we do not breed or carry livestock, all our rescues are here for life and whilst they are with us they are given the best care and love. The poorly ones are monitored by vets and we work closely together to provide the best quality of life that we can give.
If there comes a time when that cannot be given, then with vet advise we will and have let our rescues go, but they go kindly and humanely surrounded by the people that love them.

Without calf all the animals we have in our care would now be dead…

The beauty of calf is that many many people can be part of what we do and that is important to us.

I get people to take part, i share the stories to raise awareness and without YOU the people calf would not exist.

If we build it they will come ….Sadly this also brings the trolls also, but we deal with that the best we can ..The world can be a hateful place for the twisted souls who are playing a big part in the destruction.

Please support our work

TOGETHER we are making a difference

Sharon @ Calf sanctuary