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Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 6:23 PM by Claire D Simply Vegan

When we first go vegan, most of us focus on eliminating anything of animal origin from our diets. That is normally our first priority, and is a very worthwhile one as statistics show that simply by not eating animals, a person can save around 100 animals per year.

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But then gradually it dawns us that our shoes, belts, handbags and wallets were once someone’s skin – and then our attention turns to replacing them with cruelty-free items, made from materials that weren’t ripped from the body of an animal who wanted to live.


There are lots of vegan stores out there that sell good quality vegan shoes, boots and accessories, such as:

Vegetarian Shoes


Wills Vegan Shoes

Beyond Skin

Many supermarkets and high street stores offer a good range of faux leather footwear and accessories, including Marks and Spencer, BHS, Matalan, H & M, Peacocks and Primark. These are just a few examples and it’s always worth checking labels in any shop as anything made from real leather will have the ‘real leather’ symbol, so are easy to spot and avoid.


I get most of my footwear online at websites like Amazon or ebay, simply by doing a search for faux-leather, non-leather or synthetic.


I’ve focused on faux-leather items in this blog, but other good materials to look out for are Canvas, Hemp, Cordura, Cotton, etc…

For further reading, check out the PETA approved vegan page. Happy shopping!


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