Duke 10 weeks Care

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 7:29 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

As per usual we hit the …OMG can we help him get any further wall

With no real signs of taken the next step, again i started to question if we could do enough and was desperate to find someone out there that could help us…

WE emailed the super vet twice with not even a reply…We messaged the big groups on facebook to share dukes story to no avail as people are all so busy in their own worlds to help others even if on the same side….Yes we got help from a few but those who you really thought would be there simply blanked us…

I called horse vets…no joy
I asked for farm university help, but all to far away for duke to travel and no one was interested….I watched Dudley from gentle barn get the care he needed with underwater treadmills and my heart broke for duke as all he had was myself and partner warren :0(




Duke had his 3rd acupuncture treatment, yet i was very sad as i realised at this point that there really was nothing else that we could give duke as far as professional care or advice and i began to take on board that it really was down to us…
We had started to walk duke up the field and leave him stood whilst we got on with other jobs that were stacking up in every direction, so really his physio care was getting shorter even though aided he was moving more

His lovely smile and face breaks my heart knowing that we were so alone with so little help professionally and in the way of volunteers ….I could not understand why people were not queuing to spend time with duke…We have had a few online supporters come to help for a few hours but sadly nothing like what should be for our beautiful boy



I was feeling very down and so tired that one night i sat in his shed with duke and kevin having a glass of wine and i realised that moments like these were priceless and no matter how hard life was, we would always be there for our rescues no matter what it takes. My spirits started to lift…
I sat listening to the rain, it was coming down heavy but i felt very cosy sat in the dark with 2 good friends Duke and Kevin….When i could hear splashing sounds…
I put on the torch and to my horror i could see dukes shed was flooding


I was horrified as there was no way we could move duke as there was really nowhere else that we could put him….We could not let duke lay down as it was past ankle deep and if he were to fall on his side as he often does, there would be no way he could lift his head from the water and i dread to think what could’ve happened

Warren sat with Duke till 4 O’clock in the morning until the rain stopped and the shed started to drain….Such a worry as its not even winter. We are aware that his shelter was built on not a really good position of the field but due to the control by the owners of the place we rent we knew if it was hidden in a corner they would hopefully leave us alone

The following 2 days we spent hours digging out all the build up of winter straw that we had used for the sheep to get rid of the mud and wet….Between the two of us we shifted an awful lot of muck that was holding water and barrowed as much rubble as we could to put around the house…
I doubt very much this will totally solve the issues as now we have really looked it is in a very bad position, so no idea what will happen in winter, i just hope some miracle happens and we get the much needed move


WEll just when you think things can’t get any worse they sure do….Whilst all this is going on we have our other cows to worry about…Twilight and her udder problem and the moving of the 3 gals to whitby where we have a field full of grass…And the two highlands that we have “Gevan and Edradore” in another field that we rent along with our pigs sheep, turkeys goats and hens…As well as trying to run a vegan cafe….How i have kept my sanity i have no idea, but i guess its character building and as my father always used to say
“In the Face of adversity you WILL become stronger ” :0)
THe next day his shed was still wet no matter how much bedding we put down…..I found him on his side as it was slippy, he was covered in mud and i remembered the beginning when we had no shelter for him and how seeing him like this was a daily experience and how sad it made us feel



His friend kevin was always close by, obviously with duke falling down a lot we could not let kevin in his shed unattended unless duke was in his hoist

When duke falls kevin normally snuggles close to his buddy until we come out and get him back to his feet

Then i get a personal message from an animal communicator …Telling me duke has a message….
I have to say i do feel slightly sceptical about this simply because i am very spiritual myself and have so many stories to tell that i could write a book, if only i had the time… But for duke i went with it….

Was i alarmed at what i read….A lovely message abd very well worded…..But to cut long story short…She was telling me duke was saying he was tired and no longer wanted to continue in his earth body and that i was to go on helping other animals that needed me….Followed with another message stating that she helped animals pass over…

I sat for a few minutes so confused at what i was reading, then followed the anger….Anger that i know this boy more than most people even know their own family or partners and if anyone would know this then duke would let me know, not some stranger on the other side of the planet…
I went outside to see duke and i looked him in the eyes and told him what i thought…That i was here for him but he was also here for me and his own kind….That he had to fight with me…He listened, he shook his head and he snorted at me and i knew he was listening


The following day, i went to get him up, he was sitting upright and not laid on his side…Wow i thought…
I was busy cleaning up his poop before i helped him get up, which usually involves holding his tail to gently lift him and give him the confidence and support…
When low and behold i thought i was seeing things he got to his feet on his own and stood strong not wobbly ….
I screamed with happiness and duke new he had done good…

But that was not the end….He then lifted his tail and did a poop WITHOUT falling down….

No idea whether it was the massage, the acupuncture or the harsh words in his ears from a loving friend that made him start to fight but i was so happy as it was a sign he CAN do it…

We can now get duke up the field, once there we watch and we can see him taking steps himself to get across the field….He may never walk really well again, but he will walk simply because he is loved and he wants to live.

We still have many many months of hardwork ahead….To the point that i cannot open my vegan cafe fulltime even throughout the summer months, as i will need to be there as i cannot find a good cook/manager that could step in and take over….and if i am there then dukes care will all be down to my partner and its far to much to put on one person aswell as all the other daily chores on the sanctuary…

Sop please support Duke and Calf Sanctuary as we have such a long way to go with limited funds



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