A day in the life of Duke

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 6:29 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

Duke made very slow (what seemed to us like slow) progress over the 2 months , but i guess when you spend so many hours with an animal and you want to see him walk so badly, the fear that he will never walk again becomes a gremlin in your head. Yet the change in duke was amazing…The sad tired look had gone and our boy had a sparkle in his eyes. Yes he gets frustrated and shakes his head in annoyance but he has a will to live and loves to be loved and thats what keeps us going. Many times i would sit and cry with sheer frustration myself but the special moments with this boy made me realise that the only times he looked sad were the days that i was really sad.


Dukes friendship with our lovely kevin the lamb grew and grew and it was so lovely to see that many a day they comforted each other, no sound, no words needed, just the companionship was enough



We started to put duke in his hoist more and more which seemed to be working a treat, along with chiro care and homeopathic remedies, turmeric golden paste, devils claw and glucosomin topped off with our holding him up, massaging his legs and helping him walk….

One day he would do great, the next day he would go backwards ….yet we kept going knowing that so many people cared and were watching our boy x


We diced again that we were at stalemate, even though he could now stand unaided for longer periods of time and did not need literally holing up, he could walk up the field but only with our support. We knew it was time to start to look for more outside help ..

Our vet was booked for a course of acupuncture which again was not cheap but it was another glimmer of hope of some kind of outside help. She told us that the following day he might not be to good and he wasn’t, he seemed a lot worse but apprently that was a good sign as it meant he was reacting to the treatment


I was so worried about duke that i sat in the shed with him till late and i spoke to him and he certainly listened to me, i could see him looking at me with a look that he could hear me.

The following day like a scene from little britain he managed to get himself into his shed without us helping or even seeing him lol how we have no idea

(excuse the dirty hand lol and people say to me, how do you always look so glamorous, as if lol)


Dukes 2nd acupuncture treatment by this point he knew what was coming and managed to swing around to bunt the vet, which was good to see such good movement in him
the following day he was weak again so did not do to much….
Then the next day, we opened his gate ready to help him out into the field, we got sidetracked, went back out to get him, he was nowhere to be seen….

OMG somehow he had got out of his shelter and crawled into the tint sheep shed next door…NO idea how but we were now faced with trying to get him out lol
After a huge struggle we jacked up the shelter with me inside it bent over to fit in ….Whilst trying to hold him up and get him out….I can laugh now but at the time …oh dear me lol

Spending so much time outside with duke i started to work on my phone just to pass the time and tried to think of ways to bring in an income
We started doing selfies, which to be honest i do not like my own photos but i knew that showing duke for the being, the SOMEONE that he is was far more important than my vanity or embarrassment
I totally love these photos simply because it shows dukes true personality and his charm and cheekiness so well…..Whenever i look at these images his teeth or teef as he calls them really make me smile

11081289_343668542510220_7027055412822386963_n 11205986_351992588344482_4367477844624601197_n


Everyday i could see the spark in his eyes get brighter and the bond between myself and this boy is amazing, he loves me as much as i love him and it shows. He spends hours grooming me which i let him even though i come out of the shed soaking wet lol… Because i know its his way of thanking me and returning the friendship

Some days we would work duke hard as we know he can be very lazy and lean on us rather than use his own muscles….He would look forward to rest time and put his head on my shoulder and purr in my ear such a contented sound .

Such a beautiful soul …He brightens the darkest of days


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