Dukes Update May 2015

Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 7:59 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

Duke has been with us just over 2 months now and what a roller coaster ride that has been on so many levels

Where do i begin with the follow on

We ended up spending so many hours in the field in all weathers holding duke up….whilst we rattled our brains as to how and what we could do…

when the weather turned horrid we had no choice but to struggle and get him into the wendy house where we had to bend into an awkward shape to hold him up….i can laugh now but at the time it was pretty horrendous

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We have been on a massive roller coaster of emotions…

We set up a go fund me page to try and raise the cash to buy a second hand digger that would help hold him up, but the cheapest bottom end of the market was still high end of 10,000 of which we really could not afford…

Desperate to get him to his feet we booked a chiropractor who came to do massage sessions and give us advice which was very helpful…

o everyday without fail we were massaging duke….with lots of oils and potions….Doing everything that we could….Hours upon hours of our time were taken up and in the early weeks i had to close the cafe that i run to be with dukes, which meant literally NO income


We had constant vet care also to check duke was comfortable and free from pain…

From some of the go fund me donations we persuaded a contractor that we knew to drop other jobs and build the shed and design a hoisting system within it that could help keep duke on his feet

It was so good to get duke indoors and the shed, build and hoist cost over 2,000 so already a huge depletion in the go fund me, but so worth it

We borrowed a sling to go with the hoist from the vets, but because duke is male and very small, it never fit him, so we bought a sling hoist at a cost of 600.00 but sadly that to was huge…

With no one to help we ended up designing a system from hoisting straps which worked well but sadly after a while he got sores so it was back to the drawing board


we designed a new one and had a local make it up, but again we were not pleased that it did the job well enogh so we went back to our system and modified it with extra padded areas to protect his inner legs

one beautiful thing though was the lovely bond and friendship that was forming between kevin the rescued lamb and duke the bullock…..duke in the early days looked so sad, but kevin helped him in his times of need and loneliness



We decided to rent a digger for a week to see if it was any good, sadly the weather was horrid and the rain very bad so we only got one really good day to use it for the purpose we hired it for….
It did work well but the cost of almost 400 per week we really could not afford so we had to let it go back and continue with the personal one on one help that he was getting X

Little kevin the lamb was always by his side….The digger worked well but the weather and wet slippy ground was against us

After 6 weeks of intense care spending around 6 hours per day with him the strain began to take its toll….The lack of working and the money i was losing was scaring me as being self employed, no work no pay…

There would be times when i would just sit and cry and think “can we do anymore for him” …I would speak to duke and look him in the eye and i would know he was listening to me…

The first real doubt i had….I told him to believe and that we could not do this alone…..I massaged him, wazza walked him and i cried as i thought we could not do enough for him…
The next day …i got home from work and wazza said
“Come here, look out the window, can you see duke? ”
“No” my reply with panic in my voice
“”thats because he walked on his own into his own shed”
Wazza stood him up then walked away to do other jobs, when he went back he panicked as he could not see him….Low and behold he was in his shed, he got sick of waiting so made his own way home.

Every tiny step of improvement was one to celebrate


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