dukes life update no2

Monday, May 18th, 2015 at 8:35 PM by CALF (Sharon) Duke Bullock

In total desperation for some kind of help from a professional, we had many good online calf supporters trying to get duke the publicity that was needed to reach out to anyone that could help….

I spent a long time putting together the story for the first reporter who assured me it was good news and would help duke….She took the story, then the silence deafened me…After a few days of awaiting the call from her i called her, she avoided my texts yet only showed interested and replied when she thought other media may be interested …I felt so annoyed that to her duke was just a story, a story that may cause attention simply because he may make people think….which may in turn lead to people questioning the meat industry…
i wastold no one was interested of which i did not believe for one minute…

THen i get a call from calendar news…..Again they were very interested and booked a visit for the following day…I rushed around like a woman possessed making sure all was ready for the filming as the reporter really wanted duke to be hoisted to the digger….
On the morning of the shoot i get a text to say sorry have to cancel….Yet again i am left feeling very alone, but the friendship between myself and duke has grown so strong that for every set back we become closer and stronger

then out of the blue we get a call from a wonderful calf supporter (Sharon M) who tells us she has lined up look north for an interview…

It was pretty terrifying to say the least but we were very happy with what she put together for duke that was aired on TV

Not long after she also got us in the Northern Echo And the malton Gazette which was so great to see, as far as donations or help it made very little difference but we were thankful for dukes story being told and hope that it may of touched one heart along the way

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The days were getting shorter as we tried our best to get duke walking….He went from being very unstable to being able to stand unaided for longer periods, but each positive was very small and when your with him constantly it often becomes hard to see the improvements, but the chiropractor and the vet could see his achievements from a different more positive angle

We often felt like one step forwards 2 steps back….Yet duke was becoming very popular online so we decided to give him his own page which he loves ;o)

dukes page

After a hard days work which involved getting him upright early, massaging him, cleaning him upif he had been on his side, then trying to walk him and move him…Strapping him into his hoist and work his legs whilst he was stable, duke would be exhausted and so were we

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yet we began to see a change in duke, it was a look in his eyes, a look of love and trust and that in itself was payment enough for all the hardwork

I loved duke and he loved me right back



SAdly though we felt his walking was not improving….He was still very unsteady on his legs , but i had to keep reminding myself…Duke has had a major injury, a possible pelvis fracture and neurological damage …And this in a human could take months upon months to recover so we had to give duke the time

We lost hours upon hours of work time which means a loss in income, so a lot of the cash raised on go fund me was literally to keep calf afloat …
I started to draw duke whilst i was in the field with him….and sold a few of these in print form…but time is so short that even getting these printed mounted and posted is no easy task, but hopefully eventually things will level out







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