Beautifully Sad

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 at 10:43 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Well another day that has rocked my world….This week i feel much better, last week i was laid up with exhaustion or something along those lines, so whilst i feel fitter i thought make the most of it…

All the waters are frozen so it meant filling containers for all and removing the frozen ice from the drinkers…Lucy was waiting for me bless her, very thirsty ….She even let me stroke her, she is now getting very used to me and she knows that we are not going to hurt her…Love her to bits X


Then on with a  thorough muck out for goats and sheep….Which means removing all bedding and scrubbing out with disinfectant ….I started off freezing cold but soon started removing the layers, even took the hot water bottle out of me trews lol :0)


After scrubbing it out and lots of fresh new straw, a crowd appeared :o) which is always nice to see everyone enjoying a new fresh bed
Then its down to the turkey den to take the gang treats and make sure bruce is ok….Today i resprayed their legs, as bruce has a bit of a growth in between his toes :)) ….We treated it a few weeks ago and its looking a lot better….He now listens for my song on a morning then shouts so loud with excitement as he knows treats are coming X


Then its time for fresh hay for the sheep gang and i laugh as i see the lovely little emily following wazza everywhere just like a puppy ….Alfie lamb watches and the shy ed ead stands watching lol


Now time to muck out the sheep trailer and the goat house …”spencer and surjit”  love to be nosey and have to be IN whatever we do.

Not an easy tasking bringing in the straw though as everyone wants to climb on it or eat it x
IMG_2534 IMG_2547
Once all the hard works done its lovely to see them playing….The goaty boys think the new door opening is great, they kept jumping out of the door and running around to the front again just like kids X

These two suffer badly with leg problems in the winter….We have had the vet out and are back on top of it now….But it takes a lot of care to make sure they are in good condition and free from bugs….Today we treated them with a pour on solution as i feel they leg issues are better but still there but the lads know we are looking after them….Their little bleats really upset me though as it is a sound that tugs at the heart strings

….All nice and clean, a cuddle with the rest of them….

Alfie lamb now all grown up but he still loves to be tickled
and no the fur on my hood is not real, don’t even think it :0( ..its very cold where we live and this is the warmest coat i own



edie and alfie lamb….both wanting my attention at the same time…scratching my leg with their hooves when i stopped stroking them….so cute but i need more hands
The video below is emily lamb also wanting attention

Then its time to check everyone over….Emily had scours a while ago and i got the feeling she had a build up of poops on her fleece so yes we had to carefully cut away and balls of poop….But she got lots of hugs X

IMG_2555 IMG_2556

All done…well the sheep and goats….

Then the weather changes and the snow really starts to come down….So off i rush to take hay to gevan and edradore just incase we get snowed in….

They were so pleased to see me and when i left i could just tell they were sad….

I drove around the field to the front main road, parked my car to go and check their water was not frozen…..Gevan spotted me and came galloping over the field like a horse…Her hair blowing off her face i could see her expressions and her huge eyes so full of excitement that i was still there, little edadore loved the new look gevan and he loved running behind her kicking his legs up as he ran….
Gevan was a bit alarmed though as she knew i am not normally at this end of the field….Her eyes wide she kept looking at the field opening and i know she was thinking …Somethings different and in fear she was watching for someone coming….Creatures of habit, if something changes then they fear and gevan obviously was looking for the dreaded foot trimmer (yes she is that intelligent)

Once she realised no one was coming she took a drink…..

i waved bye and they stood watching me go….so sad

i got in my car and i could see her through the hedge running alongside my car….i stopped and got out again and she was so giddy looking for me, running and playing, she wanted me to come back….The snow at home was worrying me so i had to go….As i drove away i thought

I HAVE to get a new home where theres room for these two….

I set off for home and the snow got worse the nearer home i got…..

Then i turned the dreaded bend and there on the road were 2 pheasants …..One looked dead, the other poor girl was writhing about, i stopped the car but could not get out as its a really bad corner…..So many thoughts raced through my mind….I had no idea what to do as there was nowhere to park…..She eventually stopped writhing and slumped on the floor…..I thought ok she is dead and i drove on…..

But i kept thinking, what if she isnt…..Of course i had to go back….i pulled into the area they shoot and walked to her body, the first one was dead, only just, the 2nd one…..i bent down and her eyes looked at me…
Omg im so sorry i said as i bent down to scoop her up….In tears i put her into my car

I called a lady i know who is an expert but now the snow is so bad its not drivable

She told me to put her in the house in somewhere warm in the dark….tomorrow if she is stiil alive we will try and get to a vets….the weather tonight is almost 5 inch of snow

Heartbreaking that the shooting industry are allowed to cause so much suffering and road accidents just so some twat  in tweed can feel like a man…:0(

such a sad ending to a lovely day…..But im thankful i found her and even if she dies, she will die surrounded by warmth and love

Another vision today that builds who i am and why i am here…

Its easy to look away, its easy to drive on and pretend all is ok, but it takes will and strength to LOOK and make a difference……She may not live, but hopefully her story will touch hearts and raise awareness


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