Vegan Omelette Recipe

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 4:11 PM by CALF (Sharon) Simply Vegan

Vegan Chickpea Omelette …Gluten free

This is on the menu at calf but today i decided to have one for tea at home….OMG i forgot how lovely they were
so i thought i would share the recipe with you

Chickpea Flour (gram flour) 1/3 of a cup
A pinch of salt and Pepper
A Sprinkle of nutritional yeast ( this is optional i had none at home but it tasted just as nice, plus a great way to get B12 if you by the yeast with B12 in )
A teaspoon of baking powder ( if wanting Gluten free then make sure your baking powder if GF
Add a little water and use a fork to whisk it to a smooth paste, runny enough to pour but not to watery…Do this quickly as the baking powder begins to work and creates the fluffy bubbles

Now fry up the filling you want, i used tomatoes, mushrooms and a bit of vegan sausage ……Tip the filling into the mixture then pour onto a hot omelete pan ( i recently bought a very thin flat pan and it works a treat as it gets hot very quickly….

Brown on one side then carefully flip over to brown the other side …..

This is so versatile and many different fillings can be used

Enjoy X

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