Another day of graft

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 9:41 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

People often say “Omg your so lucky, you are living the dream” i often laugh as most people have no idea how hard sanctuary life really is…..Especially when you also have to work a job to keep it all running….

After seeing to my highlands, the pigs and hens yesterday….Today begins with taking a look at our cow shelter as yesterday i ran out of daylight ….armed with a wonky wheelbarrow  and a garden fork off i went…..

We usually remove the poop daily, but the cows have been out doors a lot this winter as its been so mild, we hate to lock them up when theres no need (even though the owners of the estate have threatened me with the words
“Never in history have people left cows out in the winter”
My reply….”yes but you have never really met a someone like me have you” lol

So on close inspection i felt unhappy with the poop situation so decided to totally muck them out…(NO easy task)

I soon discovered that one of the barrows had a flat tyre and i sat with head in my hands and laughed at how dated our system is, oh to have the correct tools for the job…..Our 3 cows that started off small are now huge, as i chose to rescue limousins which have to be one of the largest breeds as well as the bossiest….


My back was soon aching and the moo cows waiting outside hoping to come back in, making the task even harder as “twilight” is a real madam …Trying to wheel a barrow full of poop through a cow obstacle course with a flat tyre is no east fete ( i really think my life would make such a good soap)

An audience awaits to come indoors lol

At one point “Madam Twilight” the boss cow, decides she IS coming in…..She runs into the barn starts buckarooing, then spots the fresh straw bale, hooks it on her horn and tosses it in the air….Now these cows are pretty big and a totally different nature to the highlands so i do not hang about and run outside until wild child twilight has finished, i caught the tail end of her antics on video lol

Half way through the first barn area, my backs aching i can do no more….Tomorrow wazza will help me as the other barn area is deeper as its where they eat hay so theres a build up of hay which is harder to lift.
Oh to have an army of dedicated volunteers….Yet again things could be so different if calf had their own place :0( But i carry on till that day happens

his afternoon with help from my other half we got stuck in and tackled the rest and the otherside…..the darkside lol ….I watched and listened as he huffed puffed, moaned and sweated lmao


I have now written a note to SELF…..Make sure i check and muck out every two days no matter what….The next place we get will have more land and bigger shelters, the mucking out would be nowhere near as bad with bigger spaces…..

BUT and theres always a BUT…..20 mins on my back massage chair soon sorted me out and sitting in the hay feeder stroking these lovely 3 ladies really makes all the efforts for them so worthwhile X

IMG_1761 IMG_1764
Does the day end there…..No it doesn’t…..

Time to get cleaned up…..

Go shopping ready to open the vegan cafe tomorrow…

Come home, cook soups, pies and cakes

Get down to calf cafe…..Home made No meat and potato pie with mushy peas and my special gravy…..Oooooolala



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