Just a normal day lol

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 8:39 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

I ask myself  “what is a normal day”
In my life there is no such thing….Long hard days BUT i am NOT complaining, i ADORE my animals, they mean the world to me and i would not change a thing
( well i would change the place i live and bring all of them together and open to the public) But as far as the hard graft goes, it pails into insignificance when i look into the eyes of the beauties that we have saved :))

Today we woke early to our second hay delivery….I was so tired of living on the edge, so with the recent donations and the xmas gifts  we decided we would stock up…


So pleased to have plenty of hay for feed and straw bedding, that will last just over 2 months….Over 200 bales cost a whopping 600 pounds (arrrrgggg)
I try not to tot up what we use as its pretty scary ….The winter months we are going through around 35 bales per week….( omg now that is scary)

ANYWAY lol (thinks about the good things ) A barn full of hay today and fresh straw really made me smile and i decided to give all our rescues a thorough clean out…

So my days off, what do i do, do i sit and relax, do a bit of relaxation….( lol whats that :0P)

NOPE, i use the time away from the cafe to do the MUCH needed jobs on the sanctuary…

My other half sees to the animals when im in the cafe, but being a woman (lol) its never done quite the way i want it…..I love to see them all very clean with lots of fresh straw and a good check over…I seem to a have a built in mechanism that just knows when any of them are not quite right ( i call it mothers instinct)

Yesterday i spent a few hours with the highland moos gevan and edradore….Sadly both have mange so i am totally on my guard to try and get rid of it….Quite difficult to brush 2 cows at the same time as gevan is very jealous so it usually means i give quite a few treats to keep them occupied …Sadly i discovered that edradore has mange on his boy bits ….ARGGGHHHHHH

I have treated them both with the industry chemicals as its something i REALLY need to get on top of….But now i need to remove the scabs as they are thick and prevent topical treatments….So my lovely job was to try and remove thick armour like scabs from edradores boy bits….After spending a good bit of time brushing them both, i then use wondergel a natural healing gel to sooth and help heal any sores…. we have more treats and they really love the friendship we have….These two animals really are special and they both know i am helping them :0)

I hate leaving these two but sadly i have no choice, they are a good 20 min drive from my home as i do not have enough land where i live and there are restrictions on how many animals i can have…BUT i am THANKFUL for small mercies and i know one day i will bring them home to a calf forever home :))

My day does not end there…..

mucking out of our 5 pigs with lots of cuddles a treat training for the 3  piglets that are growing MASSIVELY,  i need to spend time with these 3 as they are industry meat pigs ( i detest that word)  that will be huge once fully grown….So bonding time is VERY important

IMG_1682 IMG_1702
My day does not end there though

Cleaning out the hens, fresh water for everbody, the turkeys to rebed …..The lists go on and on…..i run out of daylight

I already know that day 2 of my days off are spoken for :0)




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