January 2015 - C-A-L-F

Vegan Omelette Recipe

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 4:11 PM by CALF (Sharon) Simply Vegan

Vegan Chickpea Omelette …Gluten free

This is on the menu at calf but today i decided to have one for tea at home….OMG i forgot how lovely they were
so i thought i would share the recipe with you

Chickpea Flour (gram flour) 1/3 of a cup
A pinch of salt and Pepper
A Sprinkle of nutritional yeast ( this is optional i had none at home but it tasted just as nice, plus a great way to get B12 if you by the yeast with B12 in )
A teaspoon of baking powder ( if wanting Gluten free then make sure your baking powder if GF
Add a little water and use a fork to whisk it to a smooth paste, runny enough to pour but not to watery…Do this quickly as the baking powder begins to work and creates the fluffy bubbles

Now fry up the filling you want, i used tomatoes, mushrooms and a bit of vegan sausage ……Tip the filling into the mixture then pour onto a hot omelete pan ( i recently bought a very thin flat pan and it works a treat as it gets hot very quickly….

Brown on one side then carefully flip over to brown the other side …..

This is so versatile and many different fillings can be used

Enjoy X

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Cow a bunga hay

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 1:08 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

There truly is never a dull moment in sanctuary life for so many reasons….

Today started with freezing fog, not very pleasant at all. I was looking out the window just getting ready to see to the animals, i was thinking if i rush it this morning i can spend a good few hours on my bookwork that is now very late.

I should of known better than to try and plan my day lol

Warren was supposed to be nipping off to work, but he was not feeling to good and the freezing fog was very hard to drive in, so he came back home and said he would take a knap and hope he felt better to nip out later (omg how thankful am i that he did come back unexpected)

My sheep looked strange they were all stood up looking up the field and i knew there was a problem….I thought maybe a shooter in the woods. So i went outside to check.


The fog was very dense so i stood a while and listened, i couldn’t hear anything but i just knew we had a problem ( gut instinct)
THEN all of a sudden i could see a shape in the fog…..
“OMG its a COW shape coming down the drive” a million things rushed through my head then i realised it was Freckles closely followed by twilight….
“WAZZA !!!!!!!!!!! we have a problem” my heart pounding as there is a main road at the top of the drive, with NO BLOODY gate as the estates won’t let us put one on
I quickly rushed to open the bottom paddock door then realised all the sheep were there and would come out….
Wazza grabbed a bag of feed to try and entice the cows, but they were now off up the drive…

I felt sick with worry i wanted to sit and cry as my worst fear ever was infront of me yet topped off with dense fog, if they got to the road a car would not even see them…

I shouted the sheep and amazingly they all came running into the garden as if they knew they had to get out of the field so that i could open the bottom gate…

Wazza rushed to get the defender going to drive to the top and try and block them…
I went hurtling up the drive in my slippers….

Where was baby LuVu …how had the got out….How are we going to get them back in…..

Then Luvu came running over the field thankfully she was still in….

“come on girls” i said rattling the feed bag…..They both followed me and then we saw the broken fence….After a bit of enticing they followed me back in….

Cows are such HUGE animals, when something goes wrong it really is no easy task to put it right…

I so need to get the much needed move, the next place i go will be more fitting for such big animals and the boundaries WILL be secure….

It was a fence weak spot and the girls must of got trapped in the corner with the stable door blown shut, so it eventually gave way…..

My seriously late accounts took another backseat as we have spent the rest of the day trying to repair the fence and make sure it never happens again

IMG_2258 IMG_2257
So thankful that wazza never went to work, the thought of what could of happened ……

Thankfully the angels were watching over us again today

Vegan marg would not melt in their mouths…..With a look of total innocence IF ONLY they knew the stress they caused me today…

Wading through sloppy manure poop in my best slippers with a hot water bottle tucked down my trousers running around frantically

It really would make a good TV soap lol


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When i’m not in the cafe

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at 1:23 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Most of the time i am to tired to cook as theres always so much to be done on the sanctuary….
So i cheat and why not hey :0)

These were on offer in tesco’s…..Im not one normally for readymade food but thought id give it a try….

Half a pot with some wilted spinach, rocket and garlic bread

Oh my it was so tasty and so EASY

Suitable for veggies vegans and vulcans :))



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Vegan Food Ideas

Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 1:38 PM by CALF (Sharon) Simply Vegan

Making vegan food does not need to be complicated, yet it can still be extremely tasty…

This little beauty is what i often make at home and is also a good seller in “Calf Sanctuary Cafe” be it on a baked potato, a toasted bagel or even on a super salad…

Fry up or grill, courgettes, cherry toms, mushrooms, peppers, onions and aubergine in a little olive oil
Toast the panini bread (can be done in the oven to, but at home i’m always rushing so find it quicker to toast)
Spread hummus on the lid and base ( i used caramelised onion flavour)
Pop in the med veg filling, a little salt and pepper
It works lovely with a good hand full of rocket

Totally plate clacking :0)


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Another day of graft

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 9:41 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

People often say “Omg your so lucky, you are living the dream” i often laugh as most people have no idea how hard sanctuary life really is…..Especially when you also have to work a job to keep it all running….

After seeing to my highlands, the pigs and hens yesterday….Today begins with taking a look at our cow shelter as yesterday i ran out of daylight ….armed with a wonky wheelbarrow  and a garden fork off i went…..

We usually remove the poop daily, but the cows have been out doors a lot this winter as its been so mild, we hate to lock them up when theres no need (even though the owners of the estate have threatened me with the words
“Never in history have people left cows out in the winter”
My reply….”yes but you have never really met a someone like me have you” lol

So on close inspection i felt unhappy with the poop situation so decided to totally muck them out…(NO easy task)

I soon discovered that one of the barrows had a flat tyre and i sat with head in my hands and laughed at how dated our system is, oh to have the correct tools for the job…..Our 3 cows that started off small are now huge, as i chose to rescue limousins which have to be one of the largest breeds as well as the bossiest….


My back was soon aching and the moo cows waiting outside hoping to come back in, making the task even harder as “twilight” is a real madam …Trying to wheel a barrow full of poop through a cow obstacle course with a flat tyre is no east fete ( i really think my life would make such a good soap)

An audience awaits to come indoors lol

At one point “Madam Twilight” the boss cow, decides she IS coming in…..She runs into the barn starts buckarooing, then spots the fresh straw bale, hooks it on her horn and tosses it in the air….Now these cows are pretty big and a totally different nature to the highlands so i do not hang about and run outside until wild child twilight has finished, i caught the tail end of her antics on video lol

Half way through the first barn area, my backs aching i can do no more….Tomorrow wazza will help me as the other barn area is deeper as its where they eat hay so theres a build up of hay which is harder to lift.
Oh to have an army of dedicated volunteers….Yet again things could be so different if calf had their own place :0( But i carry on till that day happens

his afternoon with help from my other half we got stuck in and tackled the rest and the otherside…..the darkside lol ….I watched and listened as he huffed puffed, moaned and sweated lmao


I have now written a note to SELF…..Make sure i check and muck out every two days no matter what….The next place we get will have more land and bigger shelters, the mucking out would be nowhere near as bad with bigger spaces…..

BUT and theres always a BUT…..20 mins on my back massage chair soon sorted me out and sitting in the hay feeder stroking these lovely 3 ladies really makes all the efforts for them so worthwhile X

IMG_1761 IMG_1764
Does the day end there…..No it doesn’t…..

Time to get cleaned up…..

Go shopping ready to open the vegan cafe tomorrow…

Come home, cook soups, pies and cakes

Get down to calf cafe…..Home made No meat and potato pie with mushy peas and my special gravy…..Oooooolala



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Just a normal day lol

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 8:39 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

I ask myself  “what is a normal day”
In my life there is no such thing….Long hard days BUT i am NOT complaining, i ADORE my animals, they mean the world to me and i would not change a thing
( well i would change the place i live and bring all of them together and open to the public) But as far as the hard graft goes, it pails into insignificance when i look into the eyes of the beauties that we have saved :))

Today we woke early to our second hay delivery….I was so tired of living on the edge, so with the recent donations and the xmas gifts  we decided we would stock up…


So pleased to have plenty of hay for feed and straw bedding, that will last just over 2 months….Over 200 bales cost a whopping 600 pounds (arrrrgggg)
I try not to tot up what we use as its pretty scary ….The winter months we are going through around 35 bales per week….( omg now that is scary)

ANYWAY lol (thinks about the good things ) A barn full of hay today and fresh straw really made me smile and i decided to give all our rescues a thorough clean out…

So my days off, what do i do, do i sit and relax, do a bit of relaxation….( lol whats that :0P)

NOPE, i use the time away from the cafe to do the MUCH needed jobs on the sanctuary…

My other half sees to the animals when im in the cafe, but being a woman (lol) its never done quite the way i want it…..I love to see them all very clean with lots of fresh straw and a good check over…I seem to a have a built in mechanism that just knows when any of them are not quite right ( i call it mothers instinct)

Yesterday i spent a few hours with the highland moos gevan and edradore….Sadly both have mange so i am totally on my guard to try and get rid of it….Quite difficult to brush 2 cows at the same time as gevan is very jealous so it usually means i give quite a few treats to keep them occupied …Sadly i discovered that edradore has mange on his boy bits ….ARGGGHHHHHH

I have treated them both with the industry chemicals as its something i REALLY need to get on top of….But now i need to remove the scabs as they are thick and prevent topical treatments….So my lovely job was to try and remove thick armour like scabs from edradores boy bits….After spending a good bit of time brushing them both, i then use wondergel a natural healing gel to sooth and help heal any sores…. we have more treats and they really love the friendship we have….These two animals really are special and they both know i am helping them :0)

I hate leaving these two but sadly i have no choice, they are a good 20 min drive from my home as i do not have enough land where i live and there are restrictions on how many animals i can have…BUT i am THANKFUL for small mercies and i know one day i will bring them home to a calf forever home :))

My day does not end there…..

mucking out of our 5 pigs with lots of cuddles a treat training for the 3  piglets that are growing MASSIVELY,  i need to spend time with these 3 as they are industry meat pigs ( i detest that word)  that will be huge once fully grown….So bonding time is VERY important

IMG_1682 IMG_1702
My day does not end there though

Cleaning out the hens, fresh water for everbody, the turkeys to rebed …..The lists go on and on…..i run out of daylight

I already know that day 2 of my days off are spoken for :0)




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