December 2014 - C-A-L-F

My day with the animals

Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 6:47 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

At last xmas is over and i can get back to normality ( if there is such a thing in my life )

I have not had much time to spend with gevan and edradore for the last few months, with work and xmas, plus the fact they live a good half hour drive from home.

I was hoping to bring them home for winter and even had the shed panels built, sadly the estates that own the land and home, sent us a nasty letter with many finicky silly comments and threats on our tenancy so instantly i dare not bring more cows home nor dare i get the shelter built in fear they would say NO….

So at last today i had a good few hours to spare to go and see them both, to give them a thorough brush and check over

Gevan LOVED it and she stood so patiently enjoying her pampering….Last year at this time she acquired lice ( as they come out of the wood and live on a warm host in the winter) so i came prepared with the treatment just incase…

As i started to brush her legs i was shocked to see scabs and fur coming away….I called the highland specialists that i know and was told its very likely to be mange as it does live in the wood like lice ….After a good brush and lots of hair loss around her bottom area and down her inner legs i then soothed her with wondergel …..I treated her with mange solution and will now keep close watch….My goaty boys at home also have a mange type ting on their legs that comes back every winter and is hard to keep on top of ….Being on the farm really is a full time job or more hands needed as you really need eyes in the back of your head to keep on top of it all.

But im glad i spotted it and will do my best to get the problems sorted ….Obviously i will call a vet if it does not get better, but nowadays i prefer to gp to those in the industry as they know the animals far better than the majority of vets..But having said that i think its time for a calf sanctuary vet visit to do a good check up on all residents for peace of mind

Images below are the bits you do not see under her tail and down her inner legs


Once i had given a thorough check up i drove to nearest farm to get fresh straw bedding for them and made as sadly the field has nowhere to store anything :o(
A new fresh clean bed, lots of hay and some hugs





Then i drive back home to start the work on the sanctuary….Lifting hay bales, moving straw, mucking out all the animals….Checking them all over

Tonight my cheeks are rosey, my hair is wind swept and im shattered, BUT and its a big BUT …..i an HAPPY i have spent time loving and looking after the beings that i LOVE with all my heart and that is WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT

Gone are the days that i want or need possessions for the self, the greatest gift that gives me the hugest smile that comes from within, is the look in the eye of the animal that we have saved from death, a look of love from the eyes of a sentient that would not be here now AND thats what makes all the hard work so worth it

NO possessions can ever even come close to the feeling or pleasure these animals bring me x

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It never rains it pours

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 9:39 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

It never rains but it certainly does pour in my life, but thats ok i’m getting used to the stormy ride….I guess its character building as well as life changing…

When i took this path in life i knew it would not be easy, yet i never expected it to be quite so hard..

Below is just an average day in the life of me…read it and weep…..i did….but im ok now, i know one day i will look back and laugh at it all

The days start with such excitement, as the shed panels that have been built are delivered….We were hoping to nip off today to get the roof sorted, get it built at the weekend ready to move our highland rescues gevan and edradore home for s few months over winter….

I do my happy dance as i watch our new shed coming in….and its one that can be dismantled if we move.

My dance soon stopped when their van got stuck in the field lol and wazza had to drag them out

Half hour later we managed to tow them out of the field and off we went on our way to get the roof ordered.

We set of on our ride through pheasant alley where they shoot and the roads are an obstacle course with so many lifeless bodies on the roads.

I dread this time of year in fear of hitting one. Last week i saw a bird bounce off our windscreen as the man infront hit the pheasant, we stopped to see if he was alive but thankfully he was killed outright….Yet the trauma it cause is intense.
As we were driving i spotted another buzzard just like mister hawkins a few weeks ago…He was sat at the side of the road.
I looked at wazza and he said
“I Know” before i could even speak….
We turned around and managed to pick him up….

“Billy Buzzard” i fell in love again, i wrapped him in my coat

We rushed him to a specialist, he was so lovely…..


The lady took him to the vets but sadly he died…They xrayed him to find no broken bones,  a post mortem revealed a mass bruise down one side of his body, yet no internal blood …there was blood on his beak…
They are clueless as to why he died….The place i found bill was in the same area that i found mister hawkins and this place was raided a while ago and poisons found….The police and all relevant authorities notified
So sad that he never made it but so thankful we found him and covered him in love before he died x
RIP Billy buzzard x 333

After this trauma we were left with very little time to get the roof ordered so we nipped into B and Q but they were taking to long….Tense nervous headache as we had yet to drive 40 minutes to get storm from school….In the end we had to say never mind we will come back tomorrow as a simple job of paying for the items to collect the next day seemed like a mammoth challenge

My back had been aching a bit but i thought hay hoooo…till i got into the car….OMG the pain was horrendous and after 5 minutes driving i was in agony….Poor wazza had to pull over and help me out of the car in tears of pain….
I ended up on the back set laid out in a very odd position just to ease the pain…
I have had a few back problems but never felt it this intense….the last time i could not walk for 3 days and this felt worse…..So we rushed home and i put heat on it straight away and kept taking pain killers, it eased it a great deal but i know its asking me to rest and for once i am listening to my body telling me to slow down.

On arriving home, the grand finale that certainly took my mind off my back….A large brown envelope and i recognised the handwriting….It was the estates who own the small holding….I wont go into details, but it was basically a very bizarre threat that was so odd, threatening our tenancy ….I was livid as the main reason being we have interfered with “Sporting Activities” on a number of occassions, along with a list of stupid comments…
I had all on not to get straight on the phone, but i am learning to hold back on my red headed fire, especially when my animals depend upon me

I went to bed early but woke with a more positive feeling….I know i have to move, i have put all i own up for sale to try and raise a deposit, i have seen a few lovely places, i just pray that something sells soon, as i know they are on our case.

If i can get moved it really would be a positive….I could open to the public, i could raise more awareness and the world could come and meet our rescues. I would run educational school visits, a bed and breakfast and so much more…
I just hope 2015 is the year of calf.

The saddest part for me is, there is no way now that i can build the field shelter where we live, even though it is the correct size limitations, i just know that the estate will have another go at me and even moreso if i bring my highlands home….So sadly my much loved cows will not be coming home for xmas…:0(

Today i called the bank, i have everything up for sale to raise a deposit, but cannot even think about a move unless i sell up…..Even if i sell all, i will still be taking on a huge mortgage….The bigger deposit we can raise the better place calf can look for….
If you can help with the forever calf home….A place called home for Sanctuary Rescues for life…That will live on long after we have vacated this place.

PLEASE DONATE…..I KNOW with help CALF can move forward

Raising the Roof Forever home

You can do this in leu of a gift…..What a perfect present to give…..Building a safe home for calf sanctuary rescues….A peaceful place that they will live out their lives…A place where the public can visit

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