Moooooooving The moo cows

Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 8:58 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

After months and months of moving human family members from building to building, at last we found a day to give time to our 3 cows at the sanctuary.
With a few very wet days, the ground in the field where our cows are at present is very slippery and muddy and freckles is looking like she has had a fall, so today we had to get stuck in and make sure the winter housing was all finished and bedded out with rubber mats in place…
Fingers crossed the land outside their winter housing this year will not turn into a swamp pit as we had it dug out this year and a tonne of stone put down


New hurdles in place, land reinforced, the holding crush moved….At last the girls are moved over and they can take shelter in the stables

They stand and watch from the other field, they know something is going on X
Check out baby “LuVu” in the middle…omg she was the smallest not so long ago

oving the cows over from field to field is always very scary, but thankfully it went smoothly….
The girls could not get into their straw beds fast enough…..We leave the doors open, unless the weather gets really bad, to give them freedom to come and go…Most are shut away into tight barns for the whole of the winter

Twilight looked so peaceful and please to lay in luxury X

We knocked through this year to the other smaller stable area as the cows are growing very big and the space they have is getting tight…In industry they would cram cows into small areas, but we are not industry and we want the cowsto be happy….Baby LuVu i could not see her then i saw some eyes peeping lol

I went to the other door and really could not believe the size of LuVu in the stable…

OMG how much she has grown in one year…its looking like we really need to move the next coming year as the cows are outgrowing the space

So pleased that another job has been sorted….now to try and get the highlands home X

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