October 2014 - C-A-L-F


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 12:35 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Every being is totally unique and today i saw it first hand

Over the last few weeks my life has been very turbulent and i have not had a minute to spare ….The only time as see my animals is as i drive by on my way to work….But i know they are in good hands as my other half looks after them.

I looked out of my window and watched for a minute…Wazza did not know i was watching him, i laughed at what i saw

He was filling the hay feeder and the goaty boys spencer and surjit climbed into the feeder to eat….
I could see the annoyed look on his face as the goaty double trouble prevent the sheep from eating until they have done with it…
I smiled as i watched his face as i could read all he was thinking…

Ed Ead our leader sheep :0) Is the only one brave enough to stand up to the goaty twins…
wazza was bent down opposite ed who is a lovely leader but very shy of humans other than me :0) i could see waz having a conversation with him threw the bars and i giggled as i know he wants to win him over lol…

Then i watched as his face changed from the manly man to man convo with ed ead, to a huggable dad face as edie and emily the babies of the gang nudged him for hugs ….They moved on as milo appeared, who also wanted a hug, but the hug he gave was more a rough n tumble boy to boy hug….it was lovely to see, i could see wazzas facial expressions and his body langusge change with each sheep the came to him…

Then i watched as his face lit up and i knew his boy jesse pip was coming to him….I watched as jesse pip snuggle right in for a cuddle from his human dad and my smile was huge

So lovely to see sheep with character, each one being treated as an individual with different needs and wants


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Calfs Piggies

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 6:00 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Ahhh bless them…today they have made me smile so much….
I do not get to see any of our animals very much as i am to busy working…
But now we have closed the cafe to winter opening i have a bit more time to spend with them….
Today i cleaned up piggy area and reinforced the windows ready for the winter gales…
Pops and Mo loved it as i got to spend time with them…
Little mo was very excited at breakfast he could not stop talking, even with his mouth full


Mo followed me everywhere as he had not seen me for a long time, he even broke into the hen house when i was cleaning it out….Pops wanted to forage, mo just wanted to be tickled…even the frantic tail wagging did not spoil his fun even though it was in his face

Pops he is so cute, such a funny little boy, the two boys are chalk and cheese, totally different personalities ….MO is very sensitive, pops could not really careless ….Both adorable


Pops was so giddy when he broke into the henhouse he was so busy snouting about, everytime i spoke to him or said his name his tail wagged frantically…YES he knew i was talking to him…and his tail wagged accordingly….I told him i had a pressie for him in his own pad lol …..His tail wagged frantically when he went to his home and found his present

Video proof lol :0)
Number 1…Mo getting tickles and tickled by his brothers excited tail lol

No 2….Pops goes home and finds his treats

Then i spent time with our 3 piglets….The huffed and they puffed as i played with Pops and Mo…Sadly the area we have them all is only small and we have to keep the two groups separate …Which meansthe piglets doors are open late afternoon and through the night so they can go to the loo outside…Then they are shut away so that pops and Mo can come out to the yard and toilet….Bonding pigs is not easy as most pigs will fight ( now spare a thought for the millions of meat pigs (of which mine are) That are thrown together to head for slaughter)
The 3 Piggies
Poppy, Buddy and little dude….They are a respite, a saving grace, a gift from heaven….They NEVER cease to give me a lift….I ADORE my animals…Today i felt so loved by them each one has their own characters, their own charm that melts my heart…I was nibbled affectionately, i was used as a scratching post and hugged affectionately
I gave them a new toy of which they loved…Poppy is the boss ( well she is a girl lol ) so the boys never really got a look in…but they loved playing
Poppy, she is so clever….and so very pretty, she is growing into a beautiful young lady pig


We need more toys for our piggys….The gang LOVED the new treacle covered bouncy swinging ball, it was lovely to see them busy and having fun…I could do with setting one up for the pot bellies pops and mo to keep them a bit fitter

Roll on next week so i can get more time with the gang X


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Dark Days ~ Look for the Light

Monday, October 6th, 2014 at 7:37 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

As a compassionate vegan there are many times that i feel alone….
I do not really mind being alone as i’ve never really felt comfortable with human beings, so most of the time i do not give it a great deal of thought and i just get on with life.
But there are some days that i see and feel things that i cannot help but feel totally alone….and i know there are many people who will and do feel far worse than me.
Those who live a life surrounded by family and friends that are on totally different planets. When you feel ostracized simply because you care, when you know that you are not invited places because you are an embarrassment  or you may make people feel uncomfortable. Yes i understand that being vegan makes others think and question their lifestyle but for some reason it causes chaos …..
The longer i am vegan the more i have learnt that in many cases especially when family are involved, then its best to just be quiet, to not say anything about my lifestyle…Yet they just cannot resist broaching the subject and then when you respond to try and defend your cruelty free habits you are classed as angry and aggressive.
Sometimes you just cannot win, you are not allowed to speak to a meat eater about their eating habits yet its totally acceptable for them to tackle you from every angle they please…Be it world hunger, climate change, rainforest decimation, soya growth issues, health problems protein deficiency, animal extinction …
The lists go on and on as soon as the word VEGAN is mentioned, those who offend seem to become experts in every field…Yet woooaaaa betide you know the answers to the barrage of questions….Then your a militant vegan.
Today i have felt like i am a vegan leper for many different reasons…..I see and feel huge divides coming between myself and family, simply because we are on different journeys yet am i supposed to punish myself for caring or do i protect my own sanity ….
Being vegan really is a test on so many levels…
In the face of adversity i will become stronger.
Today more than ever i learnt what it feels like to feel “different”  I am me and i love me, no fakery or falseness.
I want to be surrounded by like minded people who care, who understand the sadness, who get WHY i love my animals so much….
People who want to be part of making a difference…..
People who give not a jot about what designer top or scent they are wearing…
People who don’t mind wearing tatty clothes covered in hay and lamb poop.
I want the dream, yet everyday it seems to slip further away….At one point in life i was there i almost touched the dream, then it was ripped away as i tried to cling ….Obviously the time was not right i had more to learn….
YET i know i am ready now, ready to make a change, make a difference ….Yet my accountant tells me my books say a different story… This coming year i HAVE to achieve….I HAVE to make a difference… Calf could do so much….IF ONLY i could get the support, an investor, people who believe in me Millions of people on the planet…Surely there are people out there just like me who want to do something….If we UNITE we can do so much more.
The moral to the story

No matter what you see hear and feel, no matter how much it hurts, be proud of YOU and who you are, caring is not a punishable crime….Living vegan is something to be proud of not ashamed of

Look for the light, focus on something or someone thsat makes you feel good, that gives you reason to carry on and understand why the alienation you feel is no big deal, its just that they cannot see the way you see, feel proud….Dust yourself off and carry on

Today two beings i adore showed me WHY the hurt i feel is worth it

I was in the field today getting ready for the cows  moving into winter housing…When my boy milo, last years lamb rescue, ran up to me so excited as ive not seen him for a while….He pushed his face close to mine, as a baby he would snuggle and i would kiss his face….Milo needs me, he loves to be loved and even though he is a teenage tearaway now he still remembers the good times


Then there is our Edradore ….I know he feels lonely, he looks lost at times, he must miss his family…..and i totally get it, i understand but sometimes sacrifices have to be made to live life to the full….We are all sentient animals, i find the human version a dead loss yet the animal sentient …..They are my friends X


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