A day off lol

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10:04 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Well after a busy weekend in calf cafe, i was looking forward to a day of rest lol

The day starts with a check up of the sheep….

Little emily seems to get scours a lot when the new shoots of grass come through which means fear of fly strike…..So we gave her a good clean up and thankfully it was again caught in time as there were maggots on her…The weather has gone warm again meaning flies come out :0(

After a back breaking hour, the little lambykins was off playing with a new clean bouncy tail X


We took it in turns to hold her whilst we cleaned her up, as its back breaking, bless her she actually loves the attention she gets, if i stopped stroking her she scratches my leg with her ickle hoof for more…

Been out this morning to make sure her sister edie is ok and little emily came running to us for more hugging :))


Sheep all checked, now its time to look at the goaty boys “Spencer and Surjit”
They get constant leg issues with the wet land so i found a good moisturiser and protecter for them….They let you look at them and see to them no problems…Finished off with fresh hay treats…These two are super cute….

When you call them they always answer back in the sweetest little goaty voice :0)


Then off we go to see Gevan and Edradore …The grass has almost all gone, so we need to open up the whole field for them, so that they can finish off the grass…

Their shelter is leaking so that needs sorting….I had to laugh as edradore like ALL cows are afraid of change, they are far from dumb animals they know when something is different and they worry.

Ed took ages to come close as warren was on the shed roof…Finally he came over for treats after much coaxing…


I gave them both a good brush, which i do whenever i see for three reason
1 so i can keep a check on them, these like any other animal need caring for, there are so many things to watch for, so a good brush allows me to make sure alls ok
2. Its a good way to keep my bond going with them
3..They LOVE it

Last year gevan got a really bad lice invasion which was very hard to keep on top off and this year little edradore has had what looks like some kind of a bug attack on his boy bits so whilst there i treated them both

We removed the centre fence as they hopefully will be coming home in a month or so if we can get a new shed built for them at home….It took little ed half an hour to pluck up the courage to cross the line where he knew there was a fence line…bless him


Once he got used to his new surroundings he walked right to the gate to see me off :0)
Gevan just waved from afar, she was far to busy eating new grass X



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