Mister Hawkins Finds Help

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 10:05 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

On waking this morning my first thoughts were with Mister Hawkins…..I was scared to check his box incase he was no longer with us….

Storm peeped in and came back with huge smiles….”He’s still alive mum”

I still felt very unsettled about just taking him back to where i found him and leaving him, my gut instinct said no this is not right.

So i trawled the internet for advice as to what to do…

I called a few people who led me on the right path to a lovely lady who turned out to be a 10 minute drive away

So off we went


As i was about to get in my car, a friend appeared who knows lots about birds….He said straight away, buzzards are persecuted and often poisoned….Apparently a local village has recently been raided and poisons found…OMG what a planet we live on where we will kill anything that does not fit with the human way. He told me that the place i was taking mister hawkins to i would like
His words “she is one of your kind” i smiled and just knew he was going to the best place.

I could tell instantly that this lady was my type of person :0)
She talked me through as she examined him and i learnt so much in a short time….She has booked him into the vets already for xrays…He is about 2-3 years old but very thin and weak, the signs could be poison but we will wait and see, an xray will give better idea.
The worst case senario, if mister hawkins dies, he led me to a know invaluable contact

On leaving i thanked her and asked for a hug…I got a huge heartfelt genuine hug and i left knowing i have met another earth angel..



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