Meet Mister Hawkins :o)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 8:41 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf


Well today i get a day off lol….well not a day off to sit about doing nothing, i mean a day off from the cafe to do other urgent jobs.

I spent time with some of our rescues and i always make sure i give them all a check over.

Today i thought Surjit the goat looked wrong, he has a bit of bloat so i know i need to keep watch on him…Emily the lamb has a messy bum again so its on the job list for tomorrow to clean her up again…

The 3 piggies all looking good, yet buddys lump on his neck does trouble me..the vet said it will be nothing serious but it still troubles me x

The rounds done i set off into town to get some wood and price up the cost to get a field shelter made….

A joiner starts at calf cafe tomorrow doing some jobs that really need doing so i need to make sure he has everything there ready. I promised storm i would do her roast veg and mash with homemade lush gravy and SPROUTS, yes she loves sprouts. So off i go rush to the supermarket…..Now times cut very short and i get my foot down in the car to get to school in time….

I drive passed gevan and edradores field i shout see you tomorrow as theres just no time to stop….Driving up the hill on a busy road, i thought i saw something flutter out of my eye corner at the side of the road…

Next thing im thinking “omg here i go again”  i cannot carry on driving as i know i saw something…..I pulled onto the grass put my hazards on, it was a busy road…I walked back and thought i must of imagined it…..Then i saw a huge beak and two piercing eyes looking at me.
“Oh shit” i thought its a blinking hawk of some sort….Slowly i walked closer, it never flew, then i knew there was a problem…..I bent down and picked him up, yes i was scared i had no gloves….Lots of cars drove by me and not one stopped to ask if i was ok….

I put him in the car and arrived very late to get storm from school…..Once i explained why i was late everyone seemed excited….Storm looked terrified as she normally has to hold the injured animals in a blanket…Poor kid looked so scared at the thought of holding a hawk lol

We got a box and blanket and off we went

We rushed him to the nearest vets, who were not experts but they examined him, we sat waiting bad news, when a lasdy went to pay her bill £33 the receptionist said, me and storm looked at each other and said 33 lol
the vet appeared and said bar a scuff on his head there were no signs of injury, she gave us a carry basket and said take him home and look after him….So we brought him home and will see how he is in the morning if he is still with us…
The vet said he may be concussed and to take him back to where he was found….So in the morning i will take him back and check if he has gone after a few hours…..If he hasn’t then i will have to take him to a specialist X

Im a bit in love already

Meet  MR Hawkins
Not sure if he will make it, but at least he is not on the roadside X

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