Not Enough hours in a day

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at 8:02 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf


Off i go to work, lol, my day starts with the usual craziness….I had to get petrol before, whilst paying i thought, a scratch card ( in desperation lol)
I felt a bit like charlie and the chocolate factory looking for that golden ticket…
I pulled the car over to enjoy the moment, scratched off the 250,000 part and my heart fluttered, as the winning symbol looked the same I have the golden ticket…(i need glasses lol )
For a moment i felt queezy as a million thoughts rushed through my head….OMG i’ve got to call waz, its a deposit on a dream farm…
Then reality set in as i looked closer and my pot of gold had no £ sign on it…
Now it doesn’t end there….
I am in the middle of the countryside where theres not many cars….I set off driving, the first car that passes…the registration is 333HGH (yes for a spilt second i had the ultimate high)….
I could almost hear the Teeheeeee of my dad from above.
I had a good laugh all the way to work, abundance may be on the cards but not on that one lol :0)

Felt poorly all day at work and it was a struggle today, but being self employed with so many overheads and animals to feed, there is no time for breaks which sometimes is a blessing as being active keeps the illness away, as im to busy to think about it lol

I made some new chocolates today though and perfected the recipe so they melt in the mouth, (sorry i cannot share this one yet as i need to sell sell sell for the animals feed costs …BUT i may release a calf recipe booklet in near future with a few beauties in…
Today i made jamaican rum truffles, but also coming are Cola and Brandy….So you can literally mix your own flavours Brandy and coke etc etc

These will be going online soon, also in gift boxes :))


I was so tired after leaving work all i wanted was to get home, get on the sofa with a hotwater bottle…So i drove by gevans field, i slowed down to see if all was ok and instantly she spotted me…Both their heads looking straight at my car…That was it i turned around and went back to see them.

It was lovely to see them both though….Gevan made her way straight away to the otherside of the field, she was walking but you can feel the excitement in her strides and you just know she wants to run, little ed follows in her foosteps, he is almost pushing her to go faster, but he knows his place and respects that she is the leader :o)

As i go into the shed she peeps through the gaps …so cute

They both get course treats, which they love and it also gives me chance to brush and check them both over…
Just what you need after a hard days work, gevan has had scours due to moving them to fresh grass area of the field, its over now but the poop needs taking off as i worry about the flies….So yes i share with you the joys of looking after the moos lol, its all part of “living the dream”
I spend ages grooming her to check no flies have been on her, thankfully it all came off ok and no sign of any maggots…(reason being last year she had an attack from flies so this year with the lambs and our other cow twilights udder all caused by them, i sam on guard constantly, as in my life the saying goes
“Where there’s muck theres maggots ”

And you think thats it hey….NOPE
Now i check edradore, as he had sores between his legs and on his boy bits…..Yes i know its a taboo subject (hope your not eating breakfast.)
But its all part of loving and caring for these animals….And it makes me think how many in industry suffer as not many animals would be seen or treated in the large scale farms that are all about speed and profit….I have to constantly keep check as there are so many things that can go wrong with them and being so big animals its not the easiest of jobs to treat them….Again having to work so hard to keep the sanctuary going, i really do not get the bonding time needed to spend with all of them. But i feel lucky lol and i know that i will get that dream in the near future, till then i battle on
I cleaned the boy up, as with the treatment A bacterial wash and a spray, it has almost gone, i removed any poop and brushed his knotty tail….The i stood back and thought OMG how lovely is he, i felt like a little girl with her treasured pony….SO SAD that he is part of the beef industry.


I wave goodbye and they both come to the fence to watch me go….
I just hate leaving them :0(



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