A Hard days work

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 8:26 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

As my other half lost his job, i have now tried to cut back in so many areas to try and make ends meet, which means more work for me but hay hoooo if i get through this phase in my life then i will class myself as an indestructable being :0)

Many people will know that i have a spiritual connection to my dad, which i now believe is to “My Father” which means to the great universal spirit….I truly believe that my angels/dad/universal spirit are all one…A huge combined energy
WELL thats the way i have worked it out….I have seen so much that i could write a book and i see and feel on a daily basis….

Today i was having a chat ( as i usually do on my long drive to work) with my dad and guides….I have been worrying so much lately on how i can keep it all going with wazza losing the part time work he had, i have started to wake again at 3.33 (which is a comfort )..I keep getting signs that it will be ok…
I asked my dad for a sign i am being helped…
I stopped off at the local farm shop to get my potatoes and soya cream for work…
The cashier looked shocked when i laughed out loud when she told me how much was due
Strange though as the local farm shop see me as that “vegan woman”…..Yet she asked me why i laughed and i told her about my connection….She wanted to know more and was very interested…
She said “you know that is so strange that you say this as when my mother died i woke every night at 3.33….
I had to get to work so could not go into great detail, but today she saw me as much more than a “vegan lady” lol

A steady day at work which was pleasant and a viewing on a property that i am trying to sell to try and raise a deposit to get cald sanctuary moved….FINGERS CROSSED he may put in an offer….If not then i may change the place into a town centre vegan coffee and cake house…
My little brain never stops lol
The night was finished as i came home to see our lovely edie in the planter shouting
“hello mum” in sheep language…..Her fleece looks scruffy because we had to cut it ourselves a few weeks ago when we discovered fly strike….Edie is storms ANGEL….She totally ADORES this sheep beyond belief X


oh yes and i cannot forget this part of my day….I saw a flock (not sure if its a flock lol) Of geese in the v formation….The sun was setting OMG it looked stunning i pulled the car over russled in my cluttered bag for my camera…Totally missed the shot as they flew over head….I caught some crows and a hedge lol…
A man pulled over to check i was ok….
“No i missed a great shot”
He had no idea what i meant
So i took a photo of the sun going down instead lol


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