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Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 7:19 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Theres never a dull moment in a day in the life of….
As i multi task between being a mother, a farmer, a cook, cleaner, designer and business woman along with many other guises …..i often wonder how i manage to fit it all in and i guess i don’t really, i bash my way through life like a whirlwind of madness….
YES i would like to slow down just a little, mainly so that i could give more time to the things that really matter, but life seems to throw many spanners my way to make sure im always on my toes….

A couple of days off from the cafe, allow me the time to clean, see the kids and animals and do all the URGENT jobs that need seeing to like books, mucking out and thinking of new ways to try and earn a living…
Today was a drive to whitby to bring home some of the hay from our field, which is a massive task as its a long distance from where we live…The balers were supposed to lead it home, but as we are fast learning…what they say and what they do in farming world are two different things….

We now have 100s of bales just sat there getting ruined which is heartbreaking to say the least, so whenever we get chance we do the 4 hour round trip and collect a few bales…
Half are the HUGE round bales and as frustrating as it is not having the storage facilities or the equipment to move these huge bales, i really did laugh today as we cavorted about trying to roll them into the trailer …..reminds me of something from the dark ages as we manually roll bales lol…..hay hoooooo

WE brough back 2 large and 15 small, only another few hundred to go….the race is on before they are wrecked with mould…
Next year will be different though as we WILL get our 3 moos from home into the field for grazing throughout the summer…Its all a huge learning curve, plus we hope to get some kind of a shelter sorted if we survive the winter, that will house both hay cuts and cows

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