Finding Me Again

Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 11:21 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

For a while now i have had the lost girl feeling, as i struggle to achieve, yet always left wanting …..

But i accept that that is me, today whilst tidying my craft room i came across some old writings of my dads and yet again felt shocked to read his words of wisdom that reflect exactly how i feel at this moment in time. We do not truly realise how special people are until they are no longer with us.
My fathers writings talk about how depressed he feels, the  frustration of life and trying to understand the meaning. My dad was a crazy man and i guess i follow in his footsteps….Just wish i could sit down now and have a chat with him as i know so much more than i did 8 years ago.
I know the roads i travel are all leading me to the final destination, i know that the tests that are coming my way now and the feeling of total loneliness are all part of finding me.
As terrifying as my life and the future of calf are, i know i travel this road alone, guided by my angels
I trust the process of life and i know my roller coaster emotions are WHO I AM and i love me for WHO i am

On a more joyful note…..My parents taught me to love animals, many times my dad would come home with an injured animal that he would fix and i just know that my dad would love what i am doing now. I also know that i would of changed his life by my words and i would NEVER of thought i could of competed with my dad when he was alive…. I laugh as my dad would’ve met his match

Like my dad i am a creator,  never still andi find myself constantly doing new things, always wanting more and never satisfied (cheers for that dad lol). We used to laugh at my dad as every week he was up to something new, now i laugh at myself as i have countless projects on the go

Todays theme is fish eye photography of my much loved highlands Gevan and edradore
Watch this space as i now start up my fashion art and design projects :o)
IMG_7133 IMG_7146

A busy day today mucking out but i managed ti turn gevan and Edradore into caricatures and im hoping from these two i will create a range of hats, bags and kids coats….Watch this space
Quite a bit rusty on my drawing as its a good few years now since i did fashion illustration but hopefully with practise i will get it back…


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