Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at 7:58 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Yesterday was one of those days that i felt so down, so tired with very little energy.
I was at work and the day was very quiet, to add to the worry i already carry. I just wanted to be on my own so i went to the back of the cafe and kept myself busy with craft work.
When two girls came in and sat at the back near where i was working.
They started to talk to me and asked different questions…I started talking about edradore and how he makes me smile, how lovely he is and how he cuddles me and smothers me with love.
After only minutes of conversation both girls were in tears….Just hearing the truth helps people to see more clearly.
I told them not to feel bad about crying, its a good emotion if used for the right reasons and crying for the love of animals is high on my list of all time goodness.
It convinced me even more that
“IF ONLY” i could get the doors open to the public, IF ONLY i could share my stories wider…i just KNOW i could reach out to so many more people.

This photo ~ i was grooming eddie boy, i have been in work a lot and i was worried that i may have lost the close connection with him due to lack of time with him…
I spent a few hours with eddie and gevan as we moved them to fresher grass so i got to reconnect….As i was brushing him, he stepped forward gently and hugged me lol.


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