A day in the life

Friday, September 5th, 2014 at 7:29 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

A day off from the cafe today….LOL
Far far from a day off as most people know it.
I am up early, not quite asearly as i should be though as i am soooooooo exhausted from a full days cleaning the day before.
The day starts by eating toast, looking out of the window and seeing little emily looking twitchy…
ALARM bells ring as she has had fly strike this year, so i shout to waz…”Emily needs tipping wazza”
Off we go and off she goes with her sister edie..

They both hide in the tree …bless… Emily and Edie were our this years *bummer lambs (thats what they call them in industry, yes i know not a nice word) We raised them from teeny weeny lambs and we TOTALLY adore them….
Edie had fly strike this year and waz called me at work to let me know….Storm cried all the way home incase it was bad as edie truly is her best friend in the WHOLE world.


After a quick chase around the garden emily gets tipped and checked over

Waz got the job of holding and cuddling emily whilst i removed the poops and checked her out for baddies hiding in the fleece  later on in the evening i go outside to check all is ok and emily and edie are straight up for a bedtime cuddle….What a lovely end to the day….a REAL hug from a valued friend ALL LIFE IS EQUAL


Today was a jam packed day as we also moved gevan and edradore to a new grassy area and multi tasked doing a T Shirt photo shoot as well as a wee cuddle session with my lovely turbulent milo who is very hormonal as my volunteers who visited this year know only to well…
Here he is cuddling his mum :0)

Next minute he wants to fight me, with ears back head down….
“NO MILO” i shout to tell him i am not happy, yet he probably thinks thats his way of winning my respect.
He keeps trying to fight me, yet surgit the goaty boy is watching….Surgit is NOT happy with what he sees and i was so shocked when he calmly stepped in front of me to block milo….He put his head down and showed his horns to milo…Milo still in the “zone”  put his head down to battle, then thought better, he snapped out of his teenage mood and walked away…
OMG my little boy “Surgit” was watching and actually defended me
And people say animals are unfeeling unthinking beings…YET AGAIN i witness LOVE and kindness from animals, far moreso than most humans

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