September 2014 - C-A-L-F

A day off lol

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 10:04 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Well after a busy weekend in calf cafe, i was looking forward to a day of rest lol

The day starts with a check up of the sheep….

Little emily seems to get scours a lot when the new shoots of grass come through which means fear of fly strike…..So we gave her a good clean up and thankfully it was again caught in time as there were maggots on her…The weather has gone warm again meaning flies come out :0(

After a back breaking hour, the little lambykins was off playing with a new clean bouncy tail X


We took it in turns to hold her whilst we cleaned her up, as its back breaking, bless her she actually loves the attention she gets, if i stopped stroking her she scratches my leg with her ickle hoof for more…

Been out this morning to make sure her sister edie is ok and little emily came running to us for more hugging :))


Sheep all checked, now its time to look at the goaty boys “Spencer and Surjit”
They get constant leg issues with the wet land so i found a good moisturiser and protecter for them….They let you look at them and see to them no problems…Finished off with fresh hay treats…These two are super cute….

When you call them they always answer back in the sweetest little goaty voice :0)


Then off we go to see Gevan and Edradore …The grass has almost all gone, so we need to open up the whole field for them, so that they can finish off the grass…

Their shelter is leaking so that needs sorting….I had to laugh as edradore like ALL cows are afraid of change, they are far from dumb animals they know when something is different and they worry.

Ed took ages to come close as warren was on the shed roof…Finally he came over for treats after much coaxing…


I gave them both a good brush, which i do whenever i see for three reason
1 so i can keep a check on them, these like any other animal need caring for, there are so many things to watch for, so a good brush allows me to make sure alls ok
2. Its a good way to keep my bond going with them
3..They LOVE it

Last year gevan got a really bad lice invasion which was very hard to keep on top off and this year little edradore has had what looks like some kind of a bug attack on his boy bits so whilst there i treated them both

We removed the centre fence as they hopefully will be coming home in a month or so if we can get a new shed built for them at home….It took little ed half an hour to pluck up the courage to cross the line where he knew there was a fence line…bless him


Once he got used to his new surroundings he walked right to the gate to see me off :0)
Gevan just waved from afar, she was far to busy eating new grass X



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Busy Weekend

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 at 9:04 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf Sanctuary Cafe

A very busy weekend at calf cafe…
With some really lovely people on both sat and sunday…

So great to see people from all over the country who also follow us on facebook…

Thanks to Black Fish for using Calf Cafe for their beach clean meet up


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Sadly Mister Hawkins has gone

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 8:12 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

Mister Hawkins, now he has gone
Eyes all cloudy, never heard his song

Another friend i can no longer see
Yet they send me signs that they are free

A gentle breeze that touches my face
I know its your wings, such beautiful grace

You are the sun, a golden glow
I just have to call, you’ll come i know

A friend, a loved one, they never leave
Yet my heart is heavy, for you i grieve

Now for eternity you live in my heart
i thank you for being and playing a part
sharon X

RIP 333

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Mister Hawkins Finds Help

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 10:05 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

On waking this morning my first thoughts were with Mister Hawkins…..I was scared to check his box incase he was no longer with us….

Storm peeped in and came back with huge smiles….”He’s still alive mum”

I still felt very unsettled about just taking him back to where i found him and leaving him, my gut instinct said no this is not right.

So i trawled the internet for advice as to what to do…

I called a few people who led me on the right path to a lovely lady who turned out to be a 10 minute drive away

So off we went


As i was about to get in my car, a friend appeared who knows lots about birds….He said straight away, buzzards are persecuted and often poisoned….Apparently a local village has recently been raided and poisons found…OMG what a planet we live on where we will kill anything that does not fit with the human way. He told me that the place i was taking mister hawkins to i would like
His words “she is one of your kind” i smiled and just knew he was going to the best place.

I could tell instantly that this lady was my type of person :0)
She talked me through as she examined him and i learnt so much in a short time….She has booked him into the vets already for xrays…He is about 2-3 years old but very thin and weak, the signs could be poison but we will wait and see, an xray will give better idea.
The worst case senario, if mister hawkins dies, he led me to a know invaluable contact

On leaving i thanked her and asked for a hug…I got a huge heartfelt genuine hug and i left knowing i have met another earth angel..



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Meet Mister Hawkins :o)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 8:41 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf


Well today i get a day off lol….well not a day off to sit about doing nothing, i mean a day off from the cafe to do other urgent jobs.

I spent time with some of our rescues and i always make sure i give them all a check over.

Today i thought Surjit the goat looked wrong, he has a bit of bloat so i know i need to keep watch on him…Emily the lamb has a messy bum again so its on the job list for tomorrow to clean her up again…

The 3 piggies all looking good, yet buddys lump on his neck does trouble me..the vet said it will be nothing serious but it still troubles me x

The rounds done i set off into town to get some wood and price up the cost to get a field shelter made….

A joiner starts at calf cafe tomorrow doing some jobs that really need doing so i need to make sure he has everything there ready. I promised storm i would do her roast veg and mash with homemade lush gravy and SPROUTS, yes she loves sprouts. So off i go rush to the supermarket…..Now times cut very short and i get my foot down in the car to get to school in time….

I drive passed gevan and edradores field i shout see you tomorrow as theres just no time to stop….Driving up the hill on a busy road, i thought i saw something flutter out of my eye corner at the side of the road…

Next thing im thinking “omg here i go again”  i cannot carry on driving as i know i saw something…..I pulled onto the grass put my hazards on, it was a busy road…I walked back and thought i must of imagined it…..Then i saw a huge beak and two piercing eyes looking at me.
“Oh shit” i thought its a blinking hawk of some sort….Slowly i walked closer, it never flew, then i knew there was a problem…..I bent down and picked him up, yes i was scared i had no gloves….Lots of cars drove by me and not one stopped to ask if i was ok….

I put him in the car and arrived very late to get storm from school…..Once i explained why i was late everyone seemed excited….Storm looked terrified as she normally has to hold the injured animals in a blanket…Poor kid looked so scared at the thought of holding a hawk lol

We got a box and blanket and off we went

We rushed him to the nearest vets, who were not experts but they examined him, we sat waiting bad news, when a lasdy went to pay her bill £33 the receptionist said, me and storm looked at each other and said 33 lol
the vet appeared and said bar a scuff on his head there were no signs of injury, she gave us a carry basket and said take him home and look after him….So we brought him home and will see how he is in the morning if he is still with us…
The vet said he may be concussed and to take him back to where he was found….So in the morning i will take him back and check if he has gone after a few hours…..If he hasn’t then i will have to take him to a specialist X

Im a bit in love already

Meet  MR Hawkins
Not sure if he will make it, but at least he is not on the roadside X

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Testing times

Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at 7:04 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

My daily blog, may not always be daily simply because i really have so little spare time :0(
The last 6 years of my life have been the best yet the hardest in so many ways, i could not of possibly given any more of myself.
Yet for some reason i feel tested on a daily basis…When you hope, pray, ask for help and things seem to constantly get worse it really does test.
I have no interest in anything in life other than my kids/family and my animals, i look at humans,when i have to mingle with them and i know i am not the same.
My father often used to say he was ready to go home and i know exactly what he meant.
Why do i feel so alone
Where are the queues of people wanting to volunteer at the cafe and Sanctuary
Where are the like minded people who want to be part of calf
why do i feel like i have to do everything on my own
Why is it every job i try to get sorted never goes smoothly
Why Why Why …my head is so full of ideas to the point of bursting yet i am now so busy working i have no spare time left to do anything
Yesterday was my worst day to date, the feeling of total exhaustion and helplessness
I am a very chatty person, yet at present i want to hide away, i want to just be with my kids and animals. Yesterday as i set off to work i panicked as jesse pip was laid out and it looked wrong, i pulled the car over and ran to him, for a minute i thought he was dead, the way he looked reminded me of my “vegan” who died last year.
“pippy” i shouted a number of times, no sign of movement. Then after what felt like an age to get to him he jumped up looking startled…

The feeling was horrible…I spent ages hugging him and alfie, milo and even the shy spirit joined in.
I miss my animals as i am so busy working, i do not know what i would do without them.
i look for answers and make excuses but i know whats happening…I am burning out and theres nothing i can do about it :0(
I am a very positive person yet i think even the patience of a saint would be challenged with my life….
Yes i know that i am the maker of my own destiny and believe me i am trying, yet for every step forward it seems that i take 2 backwards

Tired and weary

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Todays Treats

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at 8:19 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf Sanctuary Cafe

Today i made a Double Oranges and Lemons cake with a yum tastic buttercream filling…Who says vegans eat cardboard lol


Then i created a NEW Truffle, i played with the recipe a bit to get a lovely soft melty centre…Sorry i cannot share the recipe yet as we need to
SELL SELL SELL to raise the cash for our sanctuary overheads
I may release in the near future
Also coming are More new flavours
Brandy truffle and Cola…..So you can mix your own luxury chocs to create new taste sensations X


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Not Enough hours in a day

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at 8:02 AM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf


Off i go to work, lol, my day starts with the usual craziness….I had to get petrol before, whilst paying i thought, a scratch card ( in desperation lol)
I felt a bit like charlie and the chocolate factory looking for that golden ticket…
I pulled the car over to enjoy the moment, scratched off the 250,000 part and my heart fluttered, as the winning symbol looked the same I have the golden ticket…(i need glasses lol )
For a moment i felt queezy as a million thoughts rushed through my head….OMG i’ve got to call waz, its a deposit on a dream farm…
Then reality set in as i looked closer and my pot of gold had no £ sign on it…
Now it doesn’t end there….
I am in the middle of the countryside where theres not many cars….I set off driving, the first car that passes…the registration is 333HGH (yes for a spilt second i had the ultimate high)….
I could almost hear the Teeheeeee of my dad from above.
I had a good laugh all the way to work, abundance may be on the cards but not on that one lol :0)

Felt poorly all day at work and it was a struggle today, but being self employed with so many overheads and animals to feed, there is no time for breaks which sometimes is a blessing as being active keeps the illness away, as im to busy to think about it lol

I made some new chocolates today though and perfected the recipe so they melt in the mouth, (sorry i cannot share this one yet as i need to sell sell sell for the animals feed costs …BUT i may release a calf recipe booklet in near future with a few beauties in…
Today i made jamaican rum truffles, but also coming are Cola and Brandy….So you can literally mix your own flavours Brandy and coke etc etc

These will be going online soon, also in gift boxes :))


I was so tired after leaving work all i wanted was to get home, get on the sofa with a hotwater bottle…So i drove by gevans field, i slowed down to see if all was ok and instantly she spotted me…Both their heads looking straight at my car…That was it i turned around and went back to see them.

It was lovely to see them both though….Gevan made her way straight away to the otherside of the field, she was walking but you can feel the excitement in her strides and you just know she wants to run, little ed follows in her foosteps, he is almost pushing her to go faster, but he knows his place and respects that she is the leader :o)

As i go into the shed she peeps through the gaps …so cute

They both get course treats, which they love and it also gives me chance to brush and check them both over…
Just what you need after a hard days work, gevan has had scours due to moving them to fresh grass area of the field, its over now but the poop needs taking off as i worry about the flies….So yes i share with you the joys of looking after the moos lol, its all part of “living the dream”
I spend ages grooming her to check no flies have been on her, thankfully it all came off ok and no sign of any maggots…(reason being last year she had an attack from flies so this year with the lambs and our other cow twilights udder all caused by them, i sam on guard constantly, as in my life the saying goes
“Where there’s muck theres maggots ”

And you think thats it hey….NOPE
Now i check edradore, as he had sores between his legs and on his boy bits…..Yes i know its a taboo subject (hope your not eating breakfast.)
But its all part of loving and caring for these animals….And it makes me think how many in industry suffer as not many animals would be seen or treated in the large scale farms that are all about speed and profit….I have to constantly keep check as there are so many things that can go wrong with them and being so big animals its not the easiest of jobs to treat them….Again having to work so hard to keep the sanctuary going, i really do not get the bonding time needed to spend with all of them. But i feel lucky lol and i know that i will get that dream in the near future, till then i battle on
I cleaned the boy up, as with the treatment A bacterial wash and a spray, it has almost gone, i removed any poop and brushed his knotty tail….The i stood back and thought OMG how lovely is he, i felt like a little girl with her treasured pony….SO SAD that he is part of the beef industry.


I wave goodbye and they both come to the fence to watch me go….
I just hate leaving them :0(



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Whats a Cooking

Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 8:02 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf Sanctuary Cafe

On the menu this week..Our Specials change weekly

A great little sandwich for you to make at home :0)

Recipe :0)
2 slices of granary
Half of an avocado (mashed with a teaspoon of lemon juice)
Spread hummus on one slice, top with the avocado
a couple of slices of tomato
A topping of rocket
A little olive oil and fry gently a couple minutes on each side
I served with home made vegan potato salad


Ginger Bread Ice Cream sundae
Home made ginger bread vegan ice cream, with caramel sauce, gingerbread syrups and broken ginger nut biscuits, topped with soya cream X


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A Hard days work

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 8:26 PM by CALF (Sharon) Life at Calf

As my other half lost his job, i have now tried to cut back in so many areas to try and make ends meet, which means more work for me but hay hoooo if i get through this phase in my life then i will class myself as an indestructable being :0)

Many people will know that i have a spiritual connection to my dad, which i now believe is to “My Father” which means to the great universal spirit….I truly believe that my angels/dad/universal spirit are all one…A huge combined energy
WELL thats the way i have worked it out….I have seen so much that i could write a book and i see and feel on a daily basis….

Today i was having a chat ( as i usually do on my long drive to work) with my dad and guides….I have been worrying so much lately on how i can keep it all going with wazza losing the part time work he had, i have started to wake again at 3.33 (which is a comfort )..I keep getting signs that it will be ok…
I asked my dad for a sign i am being helped…
I stopped off at the local farm shop to get my potatoes and soya cream for work…
The cashier looked shocked when i laughed out loud when she told me how much was due
Strange though as the local farm shop see me as that “vegan woman”…..Yet she asked me why i laughed and i told her about my connection….She wanted to know more and was very interested…
She said “you know that is so strange that you say this as when my mother died i woke every night at 3.33….
I had to get to work so could not go into great detail, but today she saw me as much more than a “vegan lady” lol

A steady day at work which was pleasant and a viewing on a property that i am trying to sell to try and raise a deposit to get cald sanctuary moved….FINGERS CROSSED he may put in an offer….If not then i may change the place into a town centre vegan coffee and cake house…
My little brain never stops lol
The night was finished as i came home to see our lovely edie in the planter shouting
“hello mum” in sheep language…..Her fleece looks scruffy because we had to cut it ourselves a few weeks ago when we discovered fly strike….Edie is storms ANGEL….She totally ADORES this sheep beyond belief X


oh yes and i cannot forget this part of my day….I saw a flock (not sure if its a flock lol) Of geese in the v formation….The sun was setting OMG it looked stunning i pulled the car over russled in my cluttered bag for my camera…Totally missed the shot as they flew over head….I caught some crows and a hedge lol…
A man pulled over to check i was ok….
“No i missed a great shot”
He had no idea what i meant
So i took a photo of the sun going down instead lol


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