Top tips for mums-to-be

Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 7:37 PM by J&Amy Vegan Mums & Babies

Top tips for mums-to-be…

I’ve been thinking of a few things that helped me through the nine months of nausea, swollen hands and legs, and indigestion! Hopefully someone else may find these useful

1.) Carry food and drink on you at all times! This was especially important for being vegan as you never know if you can get your swollen hands on any yummy snacks when you need them. Snacking helped to stop my nausea but even if you are lucky and don’t suffer with this, then you will still need to keep your energy levels up. This might help stop you feeling faint and dizzy too. It’s also important to keep hydrated, even if this does mean yet more trips to the bathroom!

2.) Take your vitamins! You can get vegan ones online, and vegetarian ones are widely available.

3.) Get a good stretch mark cream and put it on every day. Lush do a wonderful product called Therapy, it’s vegan and safe for pregnancy. My friend gave me great tip to make sure that you do your back as well as your bump, as skin stretches all the way round! And don’t forget the milk machines too!

4.) If you do suffer from swollen hands and feet, make sure that you don’t sleep on your hands, as you’ll get terrible pins and needles! Use your comfiest shoes every day – you don’t have to be a glamour queen now

5.) Keep your cool with a bottle of facial mist spray. I created a bottle myself from rose water which you can buy in any Asian foods section. I did this as a tip for labour but found it lovely to use as a cooler long before that!

6.) Get extra pillows to help you get comfy in bed. These will come in very handy for breastfeeding too!

7.) Be prepared as early as possible. Everyone I know has always felt less nervous once their hospital bag is packed.

8.) Take lots of food and drink to hospital with you, and don’t forget the soya milk! They give you tea and toast whilst you enjoy your first cuddles, so you’ll need to remember to ask for jam instead of butter too. Our hospital had no provision for vegans – J was given a voucher for the cafeteria as nothing on the menu was vegan. So my first proper meal as a mum was a shrivelled up jacket potato!

9.) Rest as much as you can. You really do need to get stocked up on sleep while you can!

10.) Take it easy on yourself. Things are different now, and you need to accept that you just can’t carry those heavy shopping bags, or (in the later months) tie your own shoelaces! And if you happen to crave something you shouldn’t, just remember that being vegan the rest of the time is still better than not being vegan at all!

Hope this is useful, and feel free to ask me anything!

Love from Amy xxx

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