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Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 8:55 PM by J&Amy Vegan Mums & Babies

I’d only been vegan a couple of months before finding out that i was pregnant – i was over the moon and also really relieved that the queasiness and shortness of breath was all thanks to the little life inside me and nothing else!

i’d been vegetarian a long time before going vegan – and i’d been cutting down on dairy as i hated the impact that farming has on the environment. So becoming vegan was a natural progression really and luckily not difficult at all for me. I also found that being vegan was by far the easiest part of pregnancy!

One of the first things that happens when you visit the midwife at the start of your pregnancy, is getting given a list of things you can’t eat! And guess what?! all of those things aren’t vegan anyway! So that makes life nice and easy for you to start off with 🙂

Pregnancy itself wasn’t such a breeze though – i can’t deny that i felt awful all the way through it. The constant nausea was horrendous, but another vegan bonus is that most ginger biscuits are ok to eat! I felt like i was eating my own body weight in ginger every day, just to try to stop the horrible sick feeling. Chips also seemed to help!

With such unhealthy cravings, i am forever grateful for being vegan, as i dread to think what else i might have eaten mountains of! and i’m sure i would have put on even more weight too. i made sure that i took vitamin pills as well, and all my blood tests always came back OK.

Pregnancy is hard work, and i’m sure that being vegan made it a little easier for me at least. There are so many things to worry about once that tiny little person starts growing, and it’s nice to know that diet isn’t really one of them.

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