Almost 3 weeks old

Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 9:12 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Well little edie lamb is almost 3 weeks old…She truly is a little angelic being.
Everything to her is an adventure, just like a baby in any form she fears most things and runs to us for comfort or protection.

NOW take a minute to think from the dark side, as it is not all rosey, lambs that you see skipping in the fields are destined for a violent death…
Most lambs are taken between 8 weeks old – 16weeks…Many are not even weaned and the first time they leave their mothers side, they are taken by a stranger, loaded into cold concentration style lorry’s…
transported with 100s of terrified babies to the coldness of a slaughter house, where they wait their turn to be stunned, if they are lucky they will be unconscious ( but still alive with a beating heart.)
strung up by their legs, throat cut and bled to death.

And these are just babies

I get NO pleasure from telling the truth, infact i dislike even talking about it, but the reason i do is for edie, milo and pip who came to us as newborn life…I myself not so long ago NEVER knew the truth about “lamb” i conditioned my brain to believe it was an older animal that had had a long happy life


Now take a look at edies story/life and share her face to help others connect, turning away, pretending it does not happen DOES NOT help the animals that LIVE this life

PLEASE BE A VOICE For all the edies of the world

edie lamb

edie lamb

Edie lamb is almost 3 weeks old.
She is such a sweet gentle angelic little being.
She suckles my finger and it really breaks my heart to know she will never be with her real mother.
Tears fall as i type and think of the billions of little lambs that are taken away from their mothers, most not even weaned.
I once spoke to a girl whose family were in the lamb farming business and her story sticks with me forever.
She wanted to witness a lamb slaughter so that she could write about it, but what she saw affected her so badly…We are brainwashed into thinking/believing that killing animals is humane and done peacefully.
NO WAY can any killing be done peacefully and kindly.
She was very disturbed by the non stop frantic bleating of the lambs.
she asked why are they crying so badly
Her relative replied
“Because this is the first time they have left their mothers side”
Lambs are killed 8-16 weeks old and most babies are not even weaned.
A lamb is no different to a puppy.
If humans were to take a puppy away from its mother unweaned, put it into a lorry and drive it for miles to a concentration camp and violently murder it, then sit down and eat its tiny little body…There would be outrage
So WHY are you not outraged at the eating of baby flesh of another kind of animal.
Edie lamb, is loving and affectionate, she has ALL five senses and uses them.
She feels fear and pain
The sad thing is humans are so far disconnected that they do not see the truth or reality of the suffering they consume
YOU have the power to change
Little edies kind do not


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