Calf Welcome new life “Edie”

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 11:28 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Today i got the text a “bummer” lamb if you can take it in…Sadly we do get many calls to take in animals that are worthless in the industry
( thats a very ill lamb in industry that would be unlikely to survive.)
Happy that we get the chance to save a new born life, yet tainted with a sadness that the lamb will be raised by humans….Yet we have to put that feeling aside and take peace from the fact that we can save a life that hopefully will raise awareness in 100s of people who see this lamb and change the way they think about the food that they eat.


Warren had been to the funeral of his aunty edith ( edie) today and he asked if we could call the new rescue Edie :0)
After we got the lamb home we were shocked again to find out it was a little girl, so the name edie fits perfect







Apparently she is not standing well and was rejected by her mother…
So calf now take on an orphaned lamb, that needs lots of love and attention.

We will do our best for this little girl and are thankful for any support that people can give us financially as edie is just the beginning of lambing season…
If wanting to get on board with the calf team to donate and be a part of what we do then please see the donation link.
Without your support we could not rescue these lambs.

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