Gevan The highland cow rescue

Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 6:36 PM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

Our gevan blog with her antics and lovely photos starts today, we will update the blog regular for all you lovely gevan supporters

Today i pulled into the field entrance and within minute she was up and peeping out of her luxury accommodation….Gevan LOVES her field shelter that we had built for her.

How many people think that animals are “hardy” and do not need such luxury’s….Given the option the majority of animals would choose shelter from the elements.

Her little face peeps around the corner, her eyes huge, just waiting to see if it is me.

i drive down the field and out she comes to greet me.

Gevan the dancing bear…..The teddy i always wanted as a child :0)


Gevan  came to us on 19th August 2013

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