January 2014 - C-A-L-F

Edie Helps Us at Gevans Place

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at 7:27 PM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Little edie lamb had an action packed day as she got to experience my driving the defender from hell lol
Then she skipped and played in the field and finally took a nap whilst we did all the hard work

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What do vegan babies eat

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at 9:50 PM by J&Amy Vegan Mums & Babies

Seegs enjoying wagon wheel

Our baby, Seeger, is now almost 11 months old. As vegans, we were in no doubt when Amy was pregnant that we wanted our baby to be vegan too. But…how?

Amy decided to breastfeed very early on if we could and we were very lucky, almost as soon as Seeger was born that was what he wanted. As he got older we started to explore alternatives to breast milk and also looked ahead to weaning.

Formula milk proved a problem as unfortunately in the UK there no longer is vegan soya formula available but they are two non dairy soy formulas, Cow and Gate Infasoy and SMA Wysoy. Both contain vitamin D3 and so are not 100% vegan. Hopefully in the future this will change.

Finger foods and weaning however were much easier! He started on baby rice as many babies do anyway, mixed with breastmilk. As he got a little older and a little more able to eat solids, we introduced more foods to his diet. Many of the big name baby foods in the supermarket such as Cow and Gate, HiPP etc do foods marked as suitable from four months and though the choice is limited, they do have vegan options. Carefully check the ingredients and look for allergens, you’ll be surprised what’s suitable.

His favourite foods though are home foods. Many of the meals we cook can easily be altered to make them suitable for a baby’s diet and freezing them in small pots means we have a ready supply of good, home cooked vegan food for him.

As he has gotten older we have introduced soya milk to his diet and other things such as soya yoghurt. One of his favourite treats is yogurt with banana! Most soya products are perfectly fine from 6 months providing they are fortified with calcium, but not as a main source of milk. However, Alpro make a special junior milk for children that is suitable as a main milk from 1 year and up.

He recently started nursery and one of our concerns was food. Nursery provide babies with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. How would he fit in? Very early on we had a chat with the nursery and they have been very supportive. Kids there eat spaghetti bolognese, beef dinners, chicken meals and so Seeger does not feel left out, the nursery has stocked up on Redwoods/Vbites meat alternatives. Whatever they cook for meals, they make separately for Seeger with vegan alternatives so that he has the same.

So…what do vegan babies eat? The answer is pretty simple! They eat what other babies eat, but vegan! 🙂

The Vegan Society have a fab page here  with more info – and Alpro also have a really good information section too.


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Simple Vegan Food

Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at 7:28 AM by CALF (Sharon) Simply Vegan

vegan food does not have to be complicated, the choice is yours.

here are a selection of very simple yet tasty vegan foods

below, scrambled tofu on toast with buttered garlic mushrooms


a block of firm tofu, crumbled

a sprinkle of tumeric

a finely chopped onion

a sprinkle of salt pepper and parley

4 tablespoons of veggy stock

fry it all up and there you have a very simple meal

topped with beans, grilled tomaties or garlic butter mushrooms, served on a nice granary bread

mmm mmmm mmmm


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Edie Meets Ed E.A.D

Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 7:31 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Little edie has been going outside to meet the rest of our lovely sheep..
Ed E.A.D is the leader, he is in charge and wow what a leader he is. He is not aggressive at all but he uses his power and position wisely…I could talk about ed e.a.d all day :0)

Yesterday he stood watching, whilst all the others crowded around the new baby, each one of them had their own views and thoughts about the new little lamb edie

Ed waited and then he casually strolled up to her and checked her out.

He is such a cool dude, i think edie like him :0)


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My visit to Gevans Place

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 9:37 PM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Today i took little edie lamb to see our gevan..
It was lovely to see gevans face, she was curious, she even kept breaking off eating her treats to watch baby edie play.
Little edie who is normally very afraid of anything or anyone knew obviously felt very comfy with gevan as she decided to run in her direction, i have never moved so fast. Not that gevan would intentionally try to hurt her, but the size difference is way to much.

Edie skipped around the field of dreams so content and happy


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Calf Welcome new life “Edie”

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 11:28 AM by CALF (Sharon) Calf's Little Edie Lamb

Today i got the text a “bummer” lamb if you can take it in…Sadly we do get many calls to take in animals that are worthless in the industry
( thats a very ill lamb in industry that would be unlikely to survive.)
Happy that we get the chance to save a new born life, yet tainted with a sadness that the lamb will be raised by humans….Yet we have to put that feeling aside and take peace from the fact that we can save a life that hopefully will raise awareness in 100s of people who see this lamb and change the way they think about the food that they eat.


Warren had been to the funeral of his aunty edith ( edie) today and he asked if we could call the new rescue Edie :0)
After we got the lamb home we were shocked again to find out it was a little girl, so the name edie fits perfect







Apparently she is not standing well and was rejected by her mother…
So calf now take on an orphaned lamb, that needs lots of love and attention.

We will do our best for this little girl and are thankful for any support that people can give us financially as edie is just the beginning of lambing season…
If wanting to get on board with the calf team to donate and be a part of what we do then please see the donation link.
Without your support we could not rescue these lambs.

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Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 9:27 PM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

After a hard day, or seeing something horrible in thev world, there is no better way to feel at peace again than with a huge red head for a hug…

I do mean gevan and not kat though lol


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Gevan The highland cow rescue

Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 6:36 PM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

Our gevan blog with her antics and lovely photos starts today, we will update the blog regular for all you lovely gevan supporters

Today i pulled into the field entrance and within minute she was up and peeping out of her luxury accommodation….Gevan LOVES her field shelter that we had built for her.

How many people think that animals are “hardy” and do not need such luxury’s….Given the option the majority of animals would choose shelter from the elements.

Her little face peeps around the corner, her eyes huge, just waiting to see if it is me.

i drive down the field and out she comes to greet me.

Gevan the dancing bear…..The teddy i always wanted as a child :0)


Gevan  came to us on 19th August 2013

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