By My Side

Sunday, October 13th, 2013 at 11:38 AM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

Today i spent a few hours with Gevan…The little monkey has bust the back of her shed but its no big deal, i’ve called the joiner and he will have to come back and put bigger screws in, but i can see where she has been laid so she obviously loves it
Today i sat in the shed and she was outside, she kept trying to get through the gap she has made to come into the shed with me, but kept getting her horns stuck, i just sat with her and talked to her, every time i looked away from her i could see her looking at me in depth, i mean really looking at me, then she would inch forward to get nearer.
Where ever i went she was by my side, walking up and down the field. I went to get into the car to go and she walked right over looking at me with such a sad look.
Each time i got back out to spend more time with her. :0)
Her puppy dog eyes work a treat.

Today felt different, i could feel a sadness about her, she is my friend, she trusts me, she did so from the day i went to get her.
I look forward to the day i can build a business again i be able to borrow money to get the home where i can open my back door and she is there.
When i left her tonight i was in tears, i waited until the sun started to set and took a few last photos as she walked away from me knowing i was going…when an odd light appeared…


I thought it was just the brightness of the sunset, so i changed angles, but there was a strange orb like shape that was still moving even though the camera was still. I held the camera perfectly still but could see the light shape moving and it kept moving until it reached gevan…I tried it a few times and each time the glowing light kept moving until it reached her



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