My Giant Teddy Bear

Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 11:36 AM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

My giant teddy bear “gevan”
today she was so funny, we went to move her grazing area so that she could start to use her new shed :0) with the weather getting a bit horrid…
We had to section her in a smaller area whilst we worked on moving the electric fence.
I gave her her treats then i walked into the area that i normally put her a bale of hay for our playtime…but today the game changed as i needed her to let us get on, so i put her another bucket of treats there instead..
She came charging through like a race horse, then stopped looking all confused in mid track when she realised that there was no hay bale, just a bog black bucket….Confused she ran back to the start position, i called her and again she bolted accross the field, this time when she got to her treat bucket she head butted it with her horns like she would with the bale lol
She thought i had changed the game to a bucket instead of a bale….She was very surprised though when she realised the bucket was full of treats..
Bless her, she loves life and the fun and games we play :0)

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