Giddy Lady Gevan

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 at 11:31 AM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

Lady Gevan was even more giddier than normal, its so amazing how her personality is coming through, she has gone from a subdued quiet placid older looking cow, to a total fruitcake. They say that animals are like their owners and i guess it could be true, she is morphing into me lol
Today i got her a bale of hay but moved fast as i now know she likes to play with them….I put it on the ground then made my way to the safety of her feeding ring….
This is her “What you doing in there ” face as i jumped into her hay feeder

Then she turned around and rolled and tossed the hay bale in the air with her horns, even rolling about the floor…Such a bundle of fun

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