Playful Gevan

Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at 11:30 AM by CALF (Sharon) Gevan the Highlander

Just got back from visiting “gevan” i could not get to see her yesterday and i braved the wind and rain today to see her.
On arrival as i pulled the car in to the field i shouted her, i could see her head go straight up looking for me….She was looking the wrong way, towards the road…I shouted again and her head darted towards my direction…Bless her she rushed to the fence and waited for me.
I got her treat bucket and she walked so proud and fast along the fence, you could just feel her happiness and excitement.
I gave her a good brush of which she truly loves, she even stops eating her treats to enjoy the moment.
I decided to top up her hay feeder, and struggled along with a bale of hay, then i could see the look of cheekiness in her face as she made eye contact..
“oh no” i thought and started to stumble along faster trying to get to the feeder before she decided she wanted to play.
To late lol, she was in full swing…head down and running
I could not lift the bale high enough to get it in the feeder and the horns coming in my direction told me drop and jump in the feeder
Gevan stopped instantly and looked at me as if to say “What you doing aren’t you playing”
I jumped back out and pulled the bale apart and put in the feeder, on the last couple of slices she decided she wanted to play and tossed them around on her horns ( by this point im sat back in her feeder ring lol)
She rubbed her face on the floor then did a full body roll like a dog does when he gets a smell he likes
I sat crying with laughing at her, just wished id of had my camera with me.
Every time i jumped back out into the field, she jumped back at me as if it were a game she was playing :0)
She leaned over and licked my hand and i knew she was thanking me :0)
Yes i am aware she is a big cow and could do damage even if she did not mean it and i am aware, but i am as careful as can be and i am thrilled that this girl has a new lease of life and wants to show it
Thank you for all who have supported her and please keep supporting her as we still have a long way to go with her foot care.
Tues we get her field shelter built of which is costing 800.00 plus and thats all her donations money gone with no reserve left to do more work on her feet.
So please keep your support coming as not a penny is wasted.
I will be doing a running total of costs to date so that you the people can see every penny and more of what we raise goes back to the animals.

cheeky girl

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