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C-A-L-F Sanctuary really do NEED HELP.

We can only survive with the will of good people.

Or visit our sister site www.c-a-l-f.com for the activism and the online store to shop for merchandise that raises much needed funds to keep our sanctuary running

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Calf Cafe 62 Eastborough Scarborough North Yorkshire YO11 1NJ
Tel Sharon on 07919310839

 Calf Cafe will be open:

Sat 16th Jan & Sun 17th Jan

Happy New Year to All

Thank you for your support

Use our online web shop – c-a-l-f.com

1394345_433893516711052_1955155731_n-1 Calf VEGAN cafe

62 Eastborough, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1NJ
Tel Sharon 07919310839
ALL profits from our cafe help calf to save lives and feed our rescues. 

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8 responses to Welcome to Calf Sanctuary

  1. I love your site! I just read about Mamamoo and her 2 children. BLESS YOU for saving this family and giving Mamamoo time with her children <3 I am in Pennsylvania and cannot wait to come to your CALF Vegan Cafe in New Jersey!!!! I'll be 51 next month and this is where I want to be on my birthday!!! I am a vegetarian for a long time, but after reading Mamamoo's story I am giving up dairy… I just can't eat it knowing what I know now and contribute to the death and suffering of the dairy industry. Bless you for sharing your story and your site! <3 XOXOX
    Sharon Veronica in PA <3

  2. I love you guys but I think you already know that I really hope we move up to North Yorkshire so I can help out.
    love Sharyn xxx

  3. Hi , I’ve just set up a small donation monthly, I love what you do and I hope it helps,
    Love from Ann xx

  4. I’ve only just found out about your great work and read your story, you are an inspiration, thank you for all you do.

  5. Love you all at CALF sanctuary . Sharon and Co you all have the most compassionate hearts . Send my love to dukey boy and his friends from me in Ireland you’s make me cry how fantastic you are . I’ve just set up monthly donation not a lot but I hope it does some kind of good . when I win the lotto I know where it’s going . God bless to you all and one day I would love to visit to help out for a few days .. lots of love

  6. Hi – I was volunteering with Crisis at Christmas in Edinburgh, and was lucky enough to meet someone who works with you, and she gave me details of CALF. I’ve just made a donation and you’ve inspired me to focus on switching from being a lifelong vegetarian who eats a bit of dairy to being vegan in the new year. Best wishes to you and all the animals in the new year.

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