Welcome to Calf Sanctuary

 Update: July 2016

We have moved! But Duke isn’t doing very well and funds are already running out.
If you can help us out at all, please do! Donate here: http://www.calfsanctuary.com/donate/

C-A-L-F Animal Sanctuary & Vegan Cafe & WebShop

Calf Sanctuary Website to see all the lovely rescues and read our blogs

C-A-L-F Sanctuary really do NEED HELP.

We can only survive with the will of good people.

Or visit our sister site www.c-a-l-f.com for the activism and the online store to shop for merchandise that raises much needed funds to keep our sanctuary running

Please click banner below to visit or new webshop:


 Calf Vegan Cafe is open Sat & Sun 12- 4

Use our online web shop – c-a-l-f.com

62 Eastborough, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1NJ
Tel Sharon 07919310839
ALL profits from our cafe help calf to save lives and feed our rescues. 


3 responses to Welcome to Calf Sanctuary

  1. Hi Calf friends
    Please help calf and family to find a forever home.
    can you donate to their cause no matter how much I know times are tough at the moment but every little helps from a £1.00 or what you can spare how about collecting all your loose change and donating it to calf. Or give that vegan cream cake a miss and donate the money instead to calf I won’t be drinking coffee from outside anymore the money I would have spent will be going to calf.

  2. Sharon,
    I’ve been following you since you brought Duke Bullock home. I fell in love with Kevin and cried a river when Romeo Valentine passed. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love your crew and everything you are doing for them. Unless you have a preferred way, I will donate via paypal. I want to know the max amount I donate goes right to you.

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. Hey Sharon!

    Thank you for setting up a paypal account. It enabled me to donate!!! I’m wishing you the very best.

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